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HBTC Exchange Elsa: HBTC Chain and NEST Oracle Can cooperate in cross-chain token cBTC for BTC QuotationOn May 25th, HBTC Exchange invited NEST enthusiasts and a discussion on the theme of "Why NEST is a Better Oracle". Elsa Qiu, HBTC VP of Business Development said that NEST's 3.0 program function will soon support any ERC20 token / ETH quotation, which may be a good opportunity for cooperation with HBTC Chain in the future. HBTC Chain is a key project of the HBTC team's intensive research and development in the past two years. Developers can develop different DeFi applications through the HBTC public chain. At present, HBTC Chain has been launched on the testnet and launched two killer applications: "Decentralized Swap" and "Cross-chain Asset Mapping", which has achieved complete decentralization and can trade with all platforms without KYC. Through the "cross-chain asset mapping", all public chains connected to the custody have cross-chain interoperability with mainstream assets such as BTC and ETH. cBTC is a cross-chain of HBTC Chain, is an ERC20 token, with 1: 1 asset mapping, assets are transparent and safe, and there is no redemption risk. The NEST Oracle can possibly quote the BTC price through cBTC, which will be the feasible cooperation direction in the future. To increase the benefits of the HBTCers and NEST holders. HBTC started the NEST mining pool business, and the mining pool income will be distributed to users by airdrop. For details of the event, please click the link: