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The Recruitment Plan of 1000 BEE CaptainsWith the completion of the mining of BEE Coin, BeeEx has officially started the implementation of the second phase of development planning. To promote the community partners to obtain greater benefits and help partners to earn more excess returns, we decided to find 1000 BEE Captains worldwide to build the trading platform of BeeEx. What is BEE Captain? Bee Captain is the representative of BeeEx community consensus, is also the strategic partner of BeeEx platform, as the mainstay of the BeeEx community will pour more resources help Bee Captain earn excess returns, Bee Captain not only can earn commission directly by inviting friends and other mechanisms into, also can get platform by holdings of BEE excess return of income growth. The Equity of BEE Captain Shareholders' Equity: A. Bee Captain will divide 5% of the platform commission bonus every week. B. Bee Captain enjoys exclusive community airdrop benefits. C. The old captain can invite a new captain to earn the new captain's 2% staked reward Rights and Interests: A. BEE value-added equity: the income generated by BEE's price increase in the secondary market B. Reward of invitation rebate: The bee leader can enjoy a lifetime invitation rebate, which mainly includes: b1:50% rebate of the spot fee ; b2:50% rebate of the future fee; b3: 5% rebate of the IPFS sales; C. Discount rate: direct VIP fee discount level 1 (refer to the VIP fee discount table on the platform); D. Key customer service: exclusive one-to-one service for VIP key customers Build the rights and interests A. Voting right: voting right to participate in major decisions of the platform B. Recommended projects: Recommended projects will be rewarded with monetary fees How to become a Bee Captain A. Existing BEE community partners can be promoted directly to BEE Captain without any conditions. B. New User application 1. Complete KYC real-name authentication 2. Stake more than 21000 BEE and a maximum of 210000BEE 3. The staked BEE will be held for 180 days. After the expiration of the pledge, the pledge can be released within one week 4. Application address of Bee Captain:
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To celebrate the launch of the Filecoin main network online, a great gift will send to you!According to annoucement, the second phase of the Filcoin testnet mining activities will be launched on July 20. To this end, multiple activities will be held online to meet the arrival of the FIL mining era! ▪️ The lowest price 150 U/T in the whole network, limited time to grab! ▪️ Buy 10 get 1 free, buy more earn more! ▪️ Everyone is a partner. 10 U/T for introducing new customer ▪️ Subscribe before July 20, divide up 4 million Fil reward! Since the launch of IPFS cloud mining rental service on May 8, the product has attracted much attention from the community and the market. For more information, please visit our website
BeeEx IPFS Director Midas| Why IPFS is the Best Investment in 2020?We all see that IPFS is so popular in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, but why?