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The rights of BEE holders are updated now! BEE will have more scenarios applicationLatest news from, recently BEE is listed on multiple trading platforms, and in the future BEE will have more scenarios in the blockchain. will continue to upgrade the services of BEE special rights and also cooperate with global high-quality blockchain innovation projects to build a stronger ecosystem. **BEE Rights Upgrade Introduction** Destruction day on Monday: The platform will take out 70% of the net fee every week to buyback BEE from the secondary market and destruct it. The buyback and destruction situation will be announced every Monday. Dividend Day on Tuesday: The platform will give out 5% of the net fee every week as a bonus reward, and it will be distributed according to the number of BEE staking by each partner, and the community partner dividend will be paid every Tuesday. Rights on Wednesday to Sunday will come soon, please stay tuned!
Market Tracking: Today's fear and greed index drops slightly to 46Market OverviewBullish2.10%Long force is at the highin the 24HMarket Stability 41Market activity is
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