Finally!!! I have Bitcoin… What on earth am I going to do with it now??? I’ve got nothing to loose at this point. So I just poked a whole in my wallet and bought 200$ worth of EOS somewhere in December 2017. To my surprise after a few days of buying it the price of EOS have sky rocketed from 4$ up-to 7$. I wanted to sell it off and get some of that juicy profit out of there. But I didn’t, this time I waited. So I waited eagerly and nervously not knowing when I should sell. As the price of EOS came to about 13$ I went ahead and sold it. I’ve made a profit of about 400$ with that trade. I couldn’t have been happier in my life going through all that and to take a profit of twice the money that I have initially invested. Bottom line is its very easy to get lost and loose all your money in the crypto markets. Therefore it is a must to keep in contact with the correct people and spend time doing research it’s not that difficult to succeed.
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