U.S. Issues Prohibition of Online Interstate Gambling The U.S. government has officially declared illegal against all forms of online gambling involving interstate transactions. The U.S. Department of Justice reversed its position from 2011 which said that only interstate sports bets were declared illegal, in accordance with the U.S. Wire Act of 1961. However, under the new interpretation of the Act, all online gambling involved transactions between countries now, now it's banned and declared illegal. The decision will not affect online gambling where bets are placed within national borders, but this indicates the casino must have a physical presence and a safe system to ensure that no bets are from outside the country. It is not known at this time how the industry will navigate the problem in a way that meets revised federal regulations. This reversal can also affect crypto-based betting platforms such as Augur even though decentralization can encourage definitions between countries to their philosophical limits. According to one report, the most affected are interstate lotteries and poker games run between Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Casino operator shares fell on news Tuesday, and if the past is an indication, the industry will likely try hard to reverse the decision the next day.
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