Ethereum Shorts Catapult Beyond the Stratosphere
Ethereum’s [ETH] Vitalik Buterin talks about non-financial applications of blockchain in a tweetstormVitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the third largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, went on a tweetstorm about non-financial applications for Blockchains. Ever since Bitcoin’s success as the first cryptocurrency, less and fewer people focus on the financial blockchain applications, so the non-giver of Ether, himself decided to list the use cases of the blockchain. Vitalik realized the […]
White Knight Reveals Compound Bug, Funds Safu, But Can Natively Digital Insurance Provide Solutions?
ICOs Sold More Than 100,000 ETH in the Past Seven Days
Markets Update: Bull Trap or Reversal? Traders Question the Recent Crypto SpikeThree days ago the crypto-economy suffered deep losses, with digital asset prices at their lowest across the board since September 2017. But on Wednesday the digital asset ecosystem started showing a slight recovery, as the entire market capitalization of all 2000+ coins gained $14 billion. Also Read: Free Keene Activists Launch Tip-Card Creator Called Cryptocurrency Markets Show...
Sundar Pichai's 11-year-old son is mining Ethereum on a computer the Google CEO built himself
OKEx Introduces Bug Bounty System to Enhance Digital Asset Trading SecurityThis Tuesday, October 27, OKEx, a Malta-based digital asset exchange announced it had just introduced a new feature – OKEx Security Response Center, which enables the use of a vulnerability reporting tool and reward scheme. The purpose of the new feature The newly introduced feature is said to optimize users’ security for digital asset trading by collecting, processing, and fixing…
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Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Are Still Blood RedAs 2018 nears an end, cryptocurrency prices are dipping once again, having seen significant losses since the start of the year. This Wednesday, Dec. 5, the entire digital asset economy is valued at roughly $120 billion and most of the top 10 coins have lost 6-15% in value over the last 24 hours and 15-35% […]
While You’re Pouting about Crypto Prices, Whales Are Accumulating BillionsActive trading whales have accumulated more in 2018 than any period in the Ethereum’s history despite the ongoing bear market, holding a fifth of Ethereum’s total circulating supply, Diar reported on December 3, 2018. Ethereum Whales Accumulate Billions The current bear market that has plagued the crypto industry since early November doesn’t seem to have affected Ethereum’s biggest whales. According…