Guide: What Is ICON (ICX)
How to Mine in 2019: A Guide for Miners Who Want to Survive the Crypto WinterWhat awaits miners amid a bear market? Vladimir Shutemov, the co-founder of CoinFly, outlines all the prospects for mining this year and reassures the worried miners. Home Mining Must Change Speaking about GPU mining, the overall speed of the Ethereum network has dropped, and mining is still possibl
Top 5 Crypto News of the WeekFintech company Ripple has announced that their RippleNet global payments network has surpassed 200 members with the addition of 13 new financial inst
ETC/USD faces bullish growth with little resistance up frontBulls overtake the bears in the last session to reverse the bearish trend that has dominated the market for the two previous sessions.Confluence detector shows little resistance up front with strong support at $3.84.ETC/USD bulls have eked out the bears in the last session. The market has been beari
Bitcoin (BTC) Vs Ethereum (ETH) [2019 Review]: Two Generations Of CryptocurrencyBitcoin (BTC) Vs Ethereum (ETH) [2019 Review]: Two Generations Of Cryptocurrency
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Former Bitcoin Bear Predicts Crypto Comeback, Bank Praises Ripple and XRP, and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Blasts Blockchain ‘Trash’An analyst at JP Morgan who recently wrote a bearish report on Bitcoin says Wall Street's interest in the space is likely to increase as the...
Wall Street Crypto Insider: Ethereum Futures Would Create Healthy MarketsErisX To CFTC: Ethereum Futures Would Be PositiveLast year, as the crypto market stumbled, ErisX, instantly deemed a potential competitor to Bakkt, was unveiled to the desperate Bitcoin community. Yet, since the American upstart first hit headlines, the company, who has strategic partnerships with B
Google Is Quietly Making Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Blockchains Searchable SoftwareGoogle has turned its attention to blockchain, quietly developing a suite of tools—Blockchain ETL—to analyze bitcoin and ethereum transaction data.Allen Day, leading developer advocate, and his team of open-source developers have loaded the software into Google’s analytics platform, <strong>BigQuery
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