🔴We are still at the beginning of the bitcoin revolution🔴 ⭕ما هنوز در ابتدای راه انقلاب بیت‌ کوین هستیم ⭕We are still at the beginning of the bitcoin revolutionMore than 10 years since the introduction of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, investors have been keen to avoid the benefits of digital currencies.The unique and anonymous Bitcoin Mysterious digital currency and its fluctuations since the official f
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عملکرد ارزهای دیجیتال در سال 2019 چه خواهد بود؟ What will be the performance of digital currencies in 2019?What will be the performance of digital currencies in 2019?The year 2018 ended, and after 12 months, when bitcoin and other altoquin performance wasweak, digital currency enthusiasts will be preparing for a new era in 2019.Between December 2017 Bitcoin cost more than 75%. The digital currency, trade
🔴شعار تبلیغاتی ارزهای دیجیتال چیست؟🔴 🔵What is the digital advertising slogan?🔵 What do you think of these slogans? Have these projects been able to implement their ideas today?What is the digital advertising slogan?Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a ciphered currency, and digital created a new world that was a prerequisite for expanding queens and larger projects. Satoshi, with the creation of Bitcoin, was trying to give an exchange that would be decentralized and remo
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.پیش بینی باور نکردنی: بیت کوین ۳۳۳۰۰۰ دلار می شود! Unbelievable forecast: Bitcoin will cost $ 333,000! Forecast of $ 333,000 bitcoin According to NewsBTC,one of the Crypto dealers named Filb Filb, known for its weird predictions, posted on Twitter a graph with a message this time will be differentUnbelievable forecast: Bitcoin will cost $ 333,000!Creep enthusiasts are mocked to predict Bitcoin prices. John McAfee, the strange millionaire founder of the cyber-security firm, said the bitcoin price will exceed $ 1 million by the end of 2020 and claims that if Ibn does not happen, one of his bod
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