Today saw some impressive gains across much of the market, but in recent hours the Bitcoin Cash price has outperformed most other coins. This has seen it break through multiple Moving Averages and attempt to retest recent highs around the $130 level. Though so far unable to push above this key
Inspired by Unwriter’s Apps, BCH Developers Create Fountainhead Cash
🔥Bitcoin Cash Price Jumps 68%; BCH Dominance Hits 2.6% of Global Market🔥Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lead the major altcoin market on Thursday as the coin underwent a 68% growth spike in less than a twenty-four hour trading session.Trade volumes for BCH rose 130% across the day, and gave BHC some considerable pull over the broader market, as BCH ‘dominance’ climbed to 2.6% – up f
Bitcoin Cash price prediction for February 2019. At the initial price at 396 Dollars. The maximum price is $ 491, the minimum price is $ 396. The average for the month is $ 436. Estimated price of Bitcoin Cash at the end of the month is $ 459, changing for February 15.9%.
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Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What’s the Difference?Digital cash is one of the most prominent use cases that blockchain technology has to offer. If you’ve researched cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin, then you probably came across both Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) — competing to offer the fastest, cheapest, and most scalable system for digital
With Deplatforming on the Rise, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise
China-Based Crypto Exchange Coinex Pays Interest in BCH Crypto exchange Coinex will pay out long-term dividends, interest, in bitcoin cash (BCH) for coinex token (CET) holders, according to its website announcement.
Startup Launches Loaded Bitcoin Cash Notes to Spread BCH Adoption