1.3 Million Bitmain S9 Bitcoin Miners Go Offline as Crypto Price Crash ContinuesThe total hash rate of the Bitcoin network has fallen by 31 percent since November, representing around 1.3 million Bitmain S9 miners that have been turned off as they struggled to stay profitable in the bear market, BitMex revealed in a report on December 10, 2018. Bitcoin Miners Suffer the Most from Declining Prices The unprecedented drops in value almost…
OKEx Crypto Exchange Lists Bitcoin Cash ABC Under Original Bitcoin Cash TickerMalta-based crypto exchange OKEx announced it will list Bitcoin Cash ABC under the original Bitcoin Cash ticker, BCH
#BitcoinCash is for sale now, but don’t get fouled get your hand on #BitcoinCash before the price spikes again. 2019 is the rise of #BitcoinCash again #bitcolncash #BCH #2019 #BigThingsComing
Cyberpunk is Now, but Japan is Only ‘Kind of’ CryptoJapan dominates the crypto headlines week in and week out. It has played the host country for a number of the industry’s largest hacks but also boasts massive retail uptake. In a recent article on the world of cryptocurrencies, The Wall Street Journal even felt obliged to travel to the Asian country to get the authentic scoop on the subject….
‘The Drug Is Gone’: Mike Novogratz Compares Current Bitcoin Markets to ‘Methadone Clinic’Comparing the current Bitcoin market to last year’s price highs, investor Mike Novogratz said “we’re at the methadone clinic”
Bitcoin [BTC]’s speculative discussions are nonsense, says Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger VerThe roller-coaster that the cryptocurrency market has been on does not seem to be stopping with the bear and the bullfighting it out for the ultimate prize. Last week’s main focus of the cryptocurrency market was on the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork that saw the cryptocurrency split into two different tokens, the Bitcoin Cash […]
Bitcoin Price Crash Forces the Chinese Miners to Sell Their Equipment As JunkIt is not only the HODLers who are affected by the recent dip in the price of bitcoin, as a report by International Times, published November 23, 2018, posits that cryptocurrency miners in China are selling their expensive mining rigs at giveaway prices. Bitcoin Miners Not Able to Breakeven It appears that shine associated with cryptocurrency mining is steadily waning…
Bitcoin Winter is Hurting Altcoins