Harus diakui.. memeng ini faktanyaHari ini Suka atau Tidak...Mau tidak Mau... Fakta Sudah Terjadi...
Bitcoin [BTC], Cardano [ADA] succumb to the bear; witness fall of more than 6%The bear continues to torment the whole cryptocurrency market, with only a few coins showing signs of resistance. The bear has ensured that its presence is felt by the key players of the market as they are all down double digits since the past seven days. Bitcoin [BTC], the most prominent and biggest cryptocurrency by […]
Price Analysis, Jan. 19: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, CardanoCurrently, the Ethereum network is limited to around 20 transactions per second. This is twice as much as Bitcoin can handle. However, if we are looking at a future where Ethereum is used as a daily form of payment, this isn’t enough.
Monero [XMR] overtakes Cardano [ADA] on the charts as bullish run continuesOn Monday, November 28, the cryptocurrency market saw a remarkable bull run that caused almost every single coin on the charts to shoot up. Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Ethereum [ETH], the big three of the cryptocurrency market, were also blessed with double-digit growths. The bull run also caused a major shift on the cryptocurrency charts […]
#ADA Needed to stay above range EQ to fit the bullish bias/sentiment we were all having for high caps earlier in the week. broke below that and currently being supported by the range low doesn't look so good. We need a break back above the range EQ to begin changing the bias.
1.4 Update won’t be taking Longer- Cardano Founder
Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Stellar [XLM], Cardano [ADA] remain biggest losers for the weekAfter the disastrous week that the crypto market experienced, the morning of November 26 revealed a positive sign for the cryptocurrencies, with a sudden surge in their price. The total market capitalization has also seen an increase from $119 billion to $131 billion today. This sudden spike has shown a significant change in the 24-hour statistics […]
Ripple, NEM, Fetch, And EMURGO Launch 'Blockchain for Europe'
The Mysterious East: Decrypting Japanese Crypto TradersFrom Satoshi Nakamoto to Mrs. Watanabe: Interesting facts about the Japanese crypto market, traders’ investment preferences, and regulations
Hirak Desai: japan is the largest country to produce the people who work harder and harder, they know how to do a business.