Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun invites ETCDEV developers to join the “family”Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, has always been in the limelight because of the brawl with Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. Additionally, Ethereum, the third biggest cryptocurrency and the leading smart contract platform, has always been the biggest competitor of Tron, with the network surpassing that of Ethereum’s on several […]
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TRON CEO Says He Will ‘Rescue’ ETH and EOS Developers From Alleged ‘Collapse’ of Their Platforms
Ethereum Classic ecosystem crippled as ETCDEV plan Emerald, SputnikVM and Orbita migrationRecently, Ethereum Classic, one of the leading projects in the community, stepped under the spotlight as one of the lead development team, Ethereum Classic Development Company announced that they would be shutting down their operations. This announcement created a buzz in the market as the development team pointed out the other teams for failing them. […]
Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum ClassicCoinbase Wallet has launched support for Ethereum Classic, in addition to its current support for Ethereum and “100,000+ ERC20 tokens”
LeapDAO’s Friendly Frankenstein: DAO Meets Holacracy Edition
Ethereum Classic [ETC] now supported by Coinbase WalletCoinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, announced that their Coinbase Wallet now supports Ethereum Classic. It will now support ETH, ETC, and “all of the 100,000+ ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain”. The update scheduled in the next few days, will allow users to view, send, and receive ETC on their Wallet. The Coinbase blog stated: […]
Grayscale Investments’ Q3 Report Shows Institutional Investors Are Taking Positions in Bearish Crypto MarketThe Digital Currency Group-owned digital currency investment company, Grayscale Investments, has published its quarter three (Q3) 2018 report. The report highlights that institutional investors have made up the majority of its fund inflows in the last three months, which suggests that “smart money” may be buying into digital currencies in anticipation of an upcoming rally. 70 Percent of new Money…
Ethereum [ETH] says deep down, we’ll always love Ethereum Classic [ETC] despite the divorceAccording to a recent announcement, Ethereum [ETH] special projects platform will be donating 15,000 ETC to Ethereum Classic Cooperative. This donation is to ensure that the Ethereum Foundation is investing in ETC in order to maintain a long-term positive-sum relationship. The report stated that the Foundation found a cold wallet which had about 15,000 ETC. […]