Major Crypto Exchange Binance Launches ‘Sub-Accounts’ for Institutional ClientsWorld’s largest crypto exchange Binance has released a new sub-accounts feature for institutional and high-tier individual traders
Binance Launches Subsidiary Account for Institutional InvestorsOn December 6, 2018, cryptocurrency exchange heavyweight Binance announced the launch of its sub-account support, exclusively for institutional traders. Binance revealed that multiple requests put forward by Binance users prompted the exchange to introduce the feature. A Look into the New Feature According to the official Binance blog, the upgrade will enable several entities to set up multiple sub-accounts under…
What is Meme Economy and How Can You Invest in it?Memes have steadily found their way from 4chan boards and reddit subs into the mainstream culture. Nobody expected a picture with text on it to be the preferred means of breaking the ice or communicating with someone else on the other side of the world. On closer inspection, it’s not hard to figure out what factors make memes stand out…
Xtrarice: MONA and PEPE are representative internet meme.
Bitcoin Social Media Celebrates Reddit Sub r/Bitcoin 1M Subscribers - BitcoinistThe Bitcoin forum of social media platform Reddit is celebrating a milestone of its own December 2 after gaining its one-millionth subscriber.u/CryptoBull007 Clinches Coveted TitleWhile there remains little cause for celebration among the Bitcoin community in the ongoing 2018 bear market, growth in
Binance Extends Support For Larger Trading Firms With New Sub-Account FeatureBinance has released what it describes as a “long-awaited” feature on its exchange, sub-accounts. Sub-accounts will be accounts that do not have full control over the assets in the trading account – ideal for trading firms who are looking to get into cryptocurrency and firms that are already trading
Binance Adds Sub-Accounts Feature with Zero Downtime ExperiencedEarlier November this year, we saw the cryptocurrency exchange of Binance open its doors to institutional investors. Part of the plan was to introduce a feature that allows individual institutional accounts to have up to 200 sub accounts. Less than a month later, the exchange has announced today tha
Tether Market Cap Goes Sub-$2 Billion as Coinbase Stablecoin Steals the Show |
Binance Crypto Exchange Introduces Special Account Feature for Institutional ClientsNext year—the year 2019—has been described as the year for institutional investors in the crypto markets. 2018 has seen several players in the crypto space warm up to interest from these accredited investors, adding features and services to attract them.Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency ex
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Criticizing Substratum (SUB) is not allowed while Justin Sun brings about yet another proof of Tron (TRX) centralizationJustin Sun’s Proposal 7 to go throughEccentric creator of TRON Justin Sun has struggled to keep his currency afloat during this bear market. The man made a name for himself for frantically tweeting about how his currency dominates Twitter searches. He even offered a “saving hand” to developers on cu