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Litecoin [LTC] tries to escape the clutches of the bear; update announcements try to lend a handThe cryptocurrency market seems to be coming out of its slump with a lot of cryptocurrencies trying to get out of the bear’s grasp. Litecoin [LTC] which has been announcing multiple updates over the past few weeks has also joined cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and XRP in trying to climb out of the […]
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LEND coin There was a 10 btc selling wall at 304 satoshi 4 btc has eaten up and currently 6 btc wall left . Keep an eye on this coin . If this wall sell off successfully then price can boom .
Ripple On The Rise: Cred Raises $50 Million to Lend Against XRP The leading provider of crypto-backed lending in the world, Cred, which has a total of $300 million USD in credit facilities, has announced today that it will start to provide USD loans that will be collateralized using Ripple’s XRP. After the company finished the process, all Ripple customers wi
Former Bloomberg employee Zhao, who also goes by “CZ,” recently took to CoinTelegraph to lend his insight on the matter.
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