How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?
Bitcoin and Crypto Poised to Outperform All Asset Classes in 2019, Says Former Wall Street InvestorA former hedge fund executive says Bitcoin is poised to outperform all other asset classes in 2019. Travis Kling, founder and chief information...
Cryptocurrencies Are Set To Dominate 2019, Surpassing All Asset Classes – The Dow, S&P 500 & Nasdaq Had Record Annual LossesIt seems that even a bearish 2018, and the great fall of the crypto market from the end of this year, there are still voices in the crypto space who believe that Bitcoin’s future is more than bright.Now, a former hedge fund executive claims that BTC and all cryptos, in general, are set to outperform
The inside story of the Coinbase crypto OG and Wall Street guard power struggleQUICK TAKECoinbase, the San Francisco crypto exchange is making a pivot to its crypto rootsThe firm plans to focus its institutional efforts on crypto funds and crypto native firmsAs such, Jonathan Kellner — former CEO of Instinet — is no longer joining the firmThe move could help the exchange bette
Longest Bear Market in Crypto History?In just 30 days, cryptocurrencies will have entered their longest bear market in history, according to Ran NeuNer, host of CNBC’s Cryptotrader show. The frenzied selloff since early 2018 has delivered a beat down to retail traders, hedge funds and long-term crypto holders. However, for one small cor
Bitcoin Giant BitMEX: Major Financial Crisis Could Be Several Years AwayThe economy is doing just fine, they say. No, maybe not. A growing number of economists (and notable ones at that) have begun to tout theses accentuating that the world’s economy isn’t in clear waters, in spite of the seemingly ever-rallying stock market. Bitcoin giant BitMEX’s research division bro
How Does Snowball Create Its Portfolios?The Snowball MissionThe short answer is: very carefully and very deliberately, and always with our investors’ best interests in mind. Snowball has mad
Study Reveals The Majority of Crypto Hedge Funds Suffered LosesThe overly-optimistic forecasts predicting a bitcoin-led era of cryptocurrencies by the end of 2020 are increasingly seeming like a distant fragile dream. More so now than ever as the most popular digital asset in the world has dipped below $5000. This downward spiral of bitcoin, according to many analysts, is due to its “lack of a fundamental value.” Bitcoin is now…
Amazon Stock Will Double In 3 Years, Says Hedge Funder Who Invested $1 Billion in Bitcoin
Most Crypto Hedge Funds Aren’t Really Hedge FundsSina Nader is the founder of CryptoLux Capital, a private asset management firm. Daniel Cawrey is CEO of Pactum Capital, a crypto hedge fund, market maker and liquidity provider.——————If it walks like a VC, talks like a VC and acts like a VC, it’s probably not a hedge fund. And yet numerous crypto f