How Crypto Market Fall Influences Mining Hardware Sales and Producers’ Revenues
CBOE Analysts: Crypto Seas Are Calm With Record Low Bitcoin Futures VolatilityBitcoin futures trading on CBOE hit record low volatility levels in October, in stark contrast to the rocky global equity markets
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ERC-20 Co-Author Proposes New ICO Model to Protect Investors from Fraudulent Token SalesEthereum developer and co-creator of the ERC-20 standard has introduced a new model for ICOs that claims to better protect investors
Miners Have Begun Using Asicboost on the Bitcoin Cash NetworkOn Oct. 22, Bitmain released new firmware for the company’s Antminer mining rigs that enables the use of an optimization known as (overt) version-rolling Asicboost. Since then, Bitcoin Cash mining pools have been using the protocol and 63 Asicboost blocks were mined last week on the network. Also read: Developers Launch BDIP: A Bitcoin Cash Proposal […]
Crypto Markets Keep Seeing Minor Fluctuations, Price Changes Mostly Around One Percent
Amid Crypto Market Sharp Downturn, Traditional Stock Markets Seem to Collapse as WellTech stocks overall were hit hard Tuesday as the Nasdaq Composite Index slid another 1.7 percent. Facebook and Alphabet are just two of the companies that make up the group of large tech stocks commonly known as FAANG.
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Pivot Market Surveillance: Oct.27The cryptocurrency market turns bearish today. Among the top 10 coins, 10 out of 10 drop down.
Crypto Markets See Stirrings of Volatility as Major Coins Tip Into RedAll major cryptos are in the red, as markets return to volatile patterns: Bitcoin has tipped to around $6,350 and some major coins have lost as much as 3-6 percent