What is Neo (NEO) ??? NEO HUOBI Global OKExNEO is a blockchain platform for the advancement of digital assets and smart contracts. Smart contracts are the next big thing which can be applied to many real-life situations and businesses. It was rebranded from AntShares to NEO in June 2017, which proves that NEO is predominantly a new coin, whi
Huobi Launching 1st Crypto Exchange That Uses EOS As Base CurrencyOn Saturday (29 December 2018), Huobi Group announced that Huobi Pool, the company's cryptocurrency mining subsidiary, will be launching in Q1 2019 a crypto exchange dedicated to EOS.
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Huobi to Launch EOS-Powered Cryptocurrency Exchange in Q1 2019According to a press release published on December 29, 2018, Huobi Group’s cryptocurrency mining arm, Huobi Pool is set to launch the company’s first crypto trading exchange in Q1 2019. Notably, the exchange will use EOS as the base currency, leveraging its distributed proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus method. World’s First EOS-Powered Cryptocurrency Exchange The exchange is scheduled to launch in Q1 2019…
NYC to Launch Blockchain Center, Wyoming Advances Industry-Friendly BillsIn today’s edition of The Daily, we feature a couple of stories that show how, despite the current downturn in the cryptocurrency markets, different l
Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Begins Its Operations in Japan
Bitcoin Exchange Giant Huobi Announces Post-Christmas LayoffsChinese mining giant Bitmain Technology and cryptocurrency exchange operator Huobi Group have both announced plans to lay off staff but for different reasons, per reports on the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Bitmain revealed its intention in a statement quoted by the SCMP, calling the layoffs a “
Third-Largest Crypto Exchange Huobi’s Derivative Market Now Includes EOS