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کوین الکترونیوم #ETN در صرافی #HitBTC لیست شد. 👌
HITBTC SLAMMED BY TRACE MAYER, JOHN MCAFEE OVER ACCOUNT FREEZES DAY BEFORE PROOF OF KEYSESTHER KIM | JAN 02, 2019 | 03:30Some of cryptocurrency’s best-known names have joined public calls for exchange HitBTC to explain itself after it began halting withdrawals days before a significant event.MAYER: ‘BEWARE’ HITBTCTrace Mayer, organizer of Proof of Keys, which calls for cryptocurrency o
Crypto Arbitrage Today: NEO, XMR, ZEC, DOGE, TRX, EOSNEO (KuCoin / Bitfinex)It has been a few weeks since the last NEO arbitrage opportunity presented itself, which is rather unusual. Even so, today’s opportunity allows traders to make some good money when buying NEO on KuCoin and selling it on Bitfinex. The current price gap is 1.7%, although this fi
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Hold, Hold, Hold Your ETC As Ethereum Classic (ETC) Will Sell Well Above $100 By the End of 2018.Ethereum Classic is on the way to triple digits so if you’re thinking of selling off, don’t. Ethereum Classic has proven to be a rather strong cryptocurrency over the months. The price spike in the wake of the Coinbase listing announcement contributed to reassuring the Ethereum Classic community tha
🔥🔥BITCOIN DEVELOPER PROPOSES INSTA-SYNC FULL NODES USING ZK-SNARKS🔥🔥Developer Proposes Insta-Sync Full Nodes Using ZK-SnarksBitcoin has been bashed by many big names in the crypto community due to its lack of scalability, but one developer is working his hardest to try and fix these much-discussed issues. His plan borrows heavily from the Coda protocol and is rather
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