Hong Kong-based Crypto Exchange Bit-Z Lists XRP, Allows XRP-USD Trading pair  Photo: / Twitter Bit Z, a popular cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong recently announced to list the XRP token. Furthermore, the exchange said that it will be adding support for the XRP-USD trading pai
What's humanity in one sentence ❔❔❔❔❔ this not related to Cryptocurrencies,Huobi Global, DigiFinex, Bit-Z.From My point of view: Its the actual Concern for people around!Showing kindness and having Feeling of Intimacy among ourselves despite of only closer ones.Humanity can reside in every little thing. The World is Family; helping our own family is all that matters!Having their Eyes sparkled with grate
Fortnite Founder Big Fan Of “Decentralized Tech” Underlying Crypto. tag; BCH , Huobi Global DigiFinex, Bit-ZIn an unexpected turn of events, the official Fortnite merchandise store recently began to accept Monero (XMR) purchases through crypto-friendly payment service GloBee. That begs the million-dollar question — Is Epic Games, the creator of the aforementioned video game, enamored with cryptocurrencies
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Bit-Z Exchange Review 2019Bit -Z is one of the leading exchanges for trading digital assets around the world. It offers two types of trading service; Over the Counter (OTC) and professional digital asset trading services. For those who want to know more about Bit-Z, here we present you the detailed Bit-Z exchange review.Int
Bitcoin Smart Contracts, XRP On Bit-Z, Zilliqa TestNet v3 & Cardano Before Stellar?
🆙 Top 10 exchanges by adjusted volume. Binance, Huobi Global, DigiFinex, Bit-Z🆙 Top 10 exchanges by adjusted volumeSuch entrances of large players may be good news for crypto’s reputation, but – in conjunction with the disappearance of less valuable coins – it may contribute to a killing off of many of the smaller exchanges that currently make up the industry.“The coins/crypt
~Night at Olmsted Point~ We got to Olmsted Point in Yosemite National Park at the perfect time to catch the sunset. The good thing about October is that I didn’t need to wait too long before the night sky was dark enough to catch the Milky Way over Half Dome. And it was certainly worth the wait! EXIF: Nikon D750 with Nikon 50mm lens Two exposures taken at the exact same spot approx. 1 hour apart. Foreground: ISO400 f11 1/2second BLENDED with Milky Way: ISO5000 f1.4 3secs