Crypto Exchange Enter into IndonesiaCoinone Indonesia is ready to develop the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia / Coinone IndonesiaThe large number of Indonesians who are interested in cryptocurrency managed to attract Coinone, one of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange service providers, to enter the Indonesian
Coinone Announces Shut Down of Its CGEX Crypto ExchangeSouth Korea’s Coinone has decided to shut down its Malta-based crypto exchange CGEX next month after less than a year of operations.The exchange posted on its official website that it will be terminating all services starting with September 18th, 2019 at 2:00 am UTC. After this date, users will not
Amazon Web Services Outrage Causes Korean Exchanges to go DarkAmazon Web Services (AWS) suffered an outage that affected two major cryptocurrency exchanges and dozens of other businesses. These server Failures ended up leaving Coinone and Upbit with its services offline, reported The Next Web on November 22, 2018.  South Korean Exchanges Lose Connection Two of the major South Korean digital currency exchanges went off for a few hours due…
What New MoneyGram’s Expansion Means for Ripple XRP’s Price and SuccessRipple and MoneyGram have become tangled partners in the payment industry they both arguably govern. Ripple’s $50 Million investment in MoneyGram means the success and expansion of the latter is a blessing for the former.The recently sealed partnership between MoneyGram and Sentbe, one of the larges
OneCoin Denies Being a Hybrid Ponzi-Pyramid Scheme; Puts the Blame on VictimsOneCoin has been in the news ever since it was launched in 2014 – mostly in a negative light, and justly so – as a myriad of countries have already banned OneCoin and labeled it as a fraudulent cryptocurrency and a pyramid scheme.OneCoin has recently been censured by the Central Bank of Samoa, regar
Coinone and Ripple Partnership as MoneyGram adopts XRPAlthough the price of Ripple coin (XRP) has not recorded significant gains, the company has no plans to stop courting more institutions to utilize their blockchain-based products. As Coinone and Ripple join hands, the drive to bring more institutions to use RippleNet is still on course. Coinone is o
Coinone Indonesia, "The Gateway of Blockchain" Coinone Indonesia is an IT company from Korea that aims to be the entrance for Indonesian people to get to know the innovative concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. As a subsidiary of Coinone Korea Exchange, Top 3 Crypto Exchange in South Korea, Coinone Indonesia will provide safe and fast crypto-asset trading services with localized global class standards for the Indonesian market.
South Korean Crypto Exchange Launches Ripple-Based Blockchain Remittance ServiceCoinone subsidiary Coinone Transfer has introduced Cross, South Korea’s first blockchain-based remittance app and web service, using enterprise blockchain technology created by Ripple.Cross gives people in Thailand and the Philippines access to faster and cheaper payment services.Coinone Transfer ut
Indonesian Coinone Strategy in the Middle of Crypto Bear MarketIn the midst of market conditions in a bear market situation, and BTC prices which last week dropped to the lowest point in 2018, Coinone Indonesia opened a special event so that users can still get the opportunity to get the advantage of buying bitcoin at very low prices.Since last week, Coinone In
Coinone rolls out remittances across Thailand and the Philippines with Ripple technologyDuring the last few months Coinone Transfer, a payments business and a subsidiary of crypto exchange Coinone, re-introduced South Korea’s first blockchain-powered remittance mobile app and web service called Cross — offering faster, lower cost payments to Thailand and the Philippines.The Coinone Tra