Little Choice Left for US Residents Seeking a Reliable Crypto Debit Card The email doesn’t give any details as to why the crypto card service program is coming to an end. reached out to Shift support but has yet to receive a reply concerning the matter. Shift was partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank, a financial provider known for its partnerships with other cryptocurrency service providers. The move leaves the U.S. Shift customers in 46 states with only one reliable option, the Bitpay Visa card. Although there are other lesser known card operations in the works, none of them are worth discussing because some of the projects lack a physical card right now and others haven’t been around long enough to be reviewed. U.S. residents have very little options for crypto-to-debit cards. Other well-known cryptocurrency debit card service providers like Wirex, Uquid, Cryptopay, and Spectrocoin only cover the EU region and various non-U.S. countries. Customers from Europe have also had issues with crypto card operators in the past when Wavecrest Holdings, another known crypto banking provider, stopped offeringcrypto-to-debit services to EU residents. Some card operations have never returned while other companies quickly found replacement banking partners.
NZDT To Relaunch In Early 2019
It's Raining Money in Hong Kong Thanks to Alleged Crypto MillionaireA Hong Kong neighborhood got the surprise of a lifetime recently: a young man was throwing HKD 100 (cca. USD 12.80) bills from a rooftop to the genera
JohnWick Lab: Cryptopia Still Suffered from Attacks, with 28773 ETH StolenCryptopia, a Newzland crypto exchange, was attacked by hackers, losing about 19,390.6 ETH. However, JohnWick Lab has found out that there are still capitals transferred to the hackers' wallet, which might be the leak of the private key of the exchange's hot wallet or the users' deposit wallets. Then
New Zealand-based Cryptopia to support upcoming ETH Constantinople hardforkAnother exchange announced their support of the long-awaited Ethereum hardfork, Constantinople.As the date for Ethereum’s Constantinople hardfork approaching, New Zealand-based exchange, Cryptopia announced their support on their official Twitter account.“Cryptopia is pleased to announce support for
Breaking: Police have locked-down Cryptopia to question employeesIn response to the recent Cryptopia hack, which was already fairly dramatic and in which , New Zealand police have shut down the exchange's headquarters as part of their investigation.Yesterday, Cryptopia hit some apparent downtime, after which had some apparent security problems. Subsequently the e
Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia hacked, reports significant lossesCryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia hacked, reports significant lossesCryptopia, a New Zealand-base cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended all services and gone offline after reporting a major hack that resulted in significant losses, the company announced in a tweet on January 15, 2019.Security Breac
Cryptopia Alleged Hack: Police Are on the Case While Community Tracks Down Stolen Funds
Cryptopia hack continued even during police investigation- users want a lawsuitAccording to a New Zealand news source, the hackers who broke into the Cryptopia exchange are still draining funds, even after it shut down trading and police began to investigate.As Chepicap previously reported, analysis by Elementus crypto analytics firm showed some concerning aspects to the thoro
Cryptopia hacked for $13m - or was it an exit scam?After the Cryptopia exchange was hacked earlier today, many in the crypto community started to grow suspicious that it may have been some kind of exit scam. Further evidence has now emerged that could possibly back up this theory.A Redditor did some digging on the ETH block explorer, and found that