Montex Market: Trade Cryptocurrencies and Startup Stocks EasilyFor decades, startups have been a great option for investing with many venture capitalists finding x10, x100 and sometimes even x1000 profits here. Today, Montex Market, an innovative crypto-exchange, opens the way to contribute to startups by purchasing their stocks with virtual currencies. In comb
Top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has stabilized around $3,700 to press time, seeing a slight 1 percent recovery over the past 24 hours. Yesterday, Jan. 10, Bitcoin fell sharply in value from ~$4,000 to ~$3,650 — an over 8 percent intraday loss.
Bitcoin holds above $4000, market cap up by $2 billion in 30 minutes - ChepicapBitcoin / bitcoin - Google News / 24.02.2019,Over the last hour, prices have spiked up sharply as about $2 billion made their way into crypto markets in a matter of 30 minutes, with Ethereum and EOS leading the way.The latest bullish display of force has now left Bitcoin again above the $4,000 mark
Bulls prepare to charge as market corrects itself The cryptocurrency market saw a fall in prices as most cryptocurrencies fell owing to correction forces, despite Bitcoin [BTC] recording considerable gains. Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX] corrected themselves after noting significant rises.
ARK Core v2.0 Running Smoothly as Development Continues — Can the Buyers Now Push ARK Above $0.50?ARK Core Version 2.0 has been running smoothly on their mainnet since the start of the month.The team has recently released updates on their upcoming development schedule.Support moving forward: $0.35, $0.33, $0.30, $0.28, $0.2694.Resistance moving forward: $0.3918, $0.4355, $0.4615, $0.4769, $0.50,
Bitcoin [BTC],the largest cryptocurrency by market cap,has been marking several milestones ever since the beginning of this year.The coin has shown significant recovery from its December 2018 bottom,rising by over $3000 since then.Notably,the largest cryptocurrency broke through the $6000 and $7000
The cryptocurrency market has seen its sentiments vary with the comments made by its proponents and its critics. In the latest video released by Ripple, Asheesh Birla, the company’s SVP of Product spoke about the basic founding principle of money transfer as well as the reasons why cross border....
Top Losers: XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC] & EOS bleed as Bitcoin [BTC] falls below $5,600 Bitcoin’s [BTC] bullish signs continue to mount, further suggesting the coming of the next bull run. With the coin’s price moving up, the king coin’s confirmed transactions per day have...
Bitcoin’s [BTC] domino effect: Ethereum [ETH] up by 8%, EOS surges 4% in an hour The prices of most major cryptocurrencies rise after Bitcoin [BTC] registered considerable growth on May 11. Ethereum and EOS joined the league of the best performing coins as they noted a growth of over 2% in an hour.
The cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Binance, being hacked. The price of Binance [BNB] plunged on May 9. However, its rival coin, Bitcoin SV [BSV], appeared to be soaring. Bitcoin SV saw a major price rise over the past day,