Why Blockchain Technology Will Change the FutureThe blockchain world grows faster than you think. Since its inception in 2008, it has slowly become the subject of innovation. Now, blockchain technology is being used in solving critical problems and everything is bound to change our future.Blockchain technology is based on a decentralized ledger w
Amazon Presents Its Quasi-Blockchain Solution, Platform for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabrice-commerce giant Amazonannounced two blockchain-related products: Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain. The company hence marked its further expansion into the field of blockchain technology, which started with blockchain-related patents and collaborations that Amazon
ConsenSys Leader Joe Lubin to “Refocus” Company’s Blockchain Direction, Layoffs a PossibilityThe employees of ConsenSys, the Ethereumhub company created by Joseph Lubin, the co-creator of the Ethereum network, have received an ominous email last Friday night, November 30. According to the email, sent by Lubin himself, ConsenSys would change and would suffer a massive strategic shift.Lubin u
Twenty trends for 2020By Paul WallbankNow we’re in the second decade of the Twenty-First Century, business is accelerating as a combination of changes in technology and society come together.Some of these changes are global, such as the continued rise of China and the Western world’s aging. Others affect us on a personal
hello u can change your pvtp points to btc.and also withdraw to btc account
New Alliance Formed to Steer Blockchain Adoption in the Entertainment Industry"[B]lockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the way our business is conducted," said founding board member Rouslan Ovtcharoff.A group of companies in the entertainment industry have formed the Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance, a new non-profit aimed at promoting blockc
“Technology ought to be able to fit into our rules. And I think this technology has incredible promise for adding efficiency to our marketplace, but I’m not going to change the investor-protection aspects of those offering rules or those trading rules just because there’s a new technology.”
Breaking NewsBlack Friday was full of amazing deals for consumers, but Bitfinex was easily an exception. On Friday alone, Bitfinex quietly rose their minimum fee for a wire withdrawal by threefold, taking it from $20 to $60. Most of the time, a change like this would elicit some kind of memo to users, but the co
At press time, bitcoin is trading for just over $3,300, meaning there’s no change since our previous price article. At least we can be grateful that bitcoin, albeit temporarily, is exhibiting enough strength to withstand any further needs to drop lower.
FAQ of Pivot Market Prediction Since some pivoters have questions about the rules of Pivot Market Prediction, Pivot Team will try to answer all questions about Market Prediction in this post, hope it's useful for you. Fairness of Pivot Prediction Pivot Market Prediction is 100% fair. The data of Market Prediction comes directly from the USDT trading pairs in Binance. Pivot doesn't change any data in Prediction. The data of market might be delayed, although we try to offer the best service to pivoters, the delay is inevitable. It definitely won't influence the final result of your predictions. Pivot will take snapshot of the price of the final order in Binance as the result when the prediction closes. But it may take 3~5 minutes for us to confirm and award. You are welcome to go to Binance for 2nd step confirmation. Check the closing price of the one-minute deadline from the time line, which should be consistent with our final results. About the profit Some pivoters report that the expected profit when they predict is different from their final profit. Pivot doesn't steal your profit. Because the calculation of odds of Market Prediction and Soccer Prediction is different. The odds in Soccer Prediction is fixed, while the odds in Market Prediction = Jackpot/100 * number of votes in certain option. The final odds is the odds when the prediction closes for new votes. All data above is open to public, Pivot doesn't change any odds, because the final result is unknown. About Free Prediction Normally, for each round of free prediction, there will be three parts. You need to vote the right option in all these three parts to receive the reward. Your fianl reward = Bonus pool/ number of pivoters who have voted right option. That's the reason why the reward is not stable. If one prediciton is very difficult or the market changes sharply, less pivoters will vote the right options and the reward will be relativly high. Predict For Free About High-Profit Prediction The High Profit Prediction is usually for predicting the change of the price. This change is the change of the price between the price when the prediction starts and the price when the prediction ends. Those market data will be shown in the prediction page for referrence. But the exact result is the price snapshotted when the prediction ends. Predict For High Profit About Binary Prediction The Binary Prediction is usually about the price. If the price when the prediction closes is higher than the price when the prediction begins, the result is "Yes". But if the price when the prediction closes is lower than the price when the prediction begins, the result is "No". The data will be shown directly on the prediction page as reference. But the exact result is the price snapshotted when the prediction ends. Predict For Ease About Leaderboard We updated the display of the leaderboard, now it is divided into two large categories:Total Profit and One Hit. Each category contains three small categories that record the daily list, weekly list, and total list for each. Total Profit: Calculated all of your profits. One Hit: Recorded your single highest profit. If your have any further questions, please send an email to, or join our official Telegram group @Pivotglobal. We will reply you as soon as possible.