Singaporeโ€™s First Legal Trial Over Bitcoin Trading Disputes Began Today
Market rebound slows, though many coins still showing green todayAfter the recent rally seen by the crypto market, today the momentum slowed and some coins saw a slight dip after the recent turnaround. Nonetheless, many coins are still in the green today, with a few even standing out.Coin Market Capitalization/Bitcoin DominanceAs of this writing, market cap stand
How is Bitcoin (BTC) Doing Today?
Bitcoin [BTC] Starts The Week Strong, Will It End It The Same?It has become a signature move for bitcoin to start the week strong, only to lose its gains towards or at the end of the week. As it does so, it both drags up altcoins and drags them down. This has continuously increased panic and pressure among holders to sell-off when the coin begins rallying. In
Greek Supreme Court Rules in Support of Extraditing Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Vinnik to France
Ethereum Developers Give โ€˜Tentativeโ€™ Greenlight to ASIC-Blocking Code
blockchain smartphone[Sale of Blockchain Smartphone Finney in Japan Starts Today, Eyeing 20k Target]Sirin Labs announced the the blockchain smartphone Finney will be sold in Japan starting from today on January 29. Moshe Hogeg, founder of Sirin Labs, emphasized the importance of the Japanese market, saying the sales tar
Cardano Price Loses Another 7% As Market Remains Uber BearishThere isnโ€™t much to be excited about in the cryptocurrency industry today, as most markets are suffering from a new round of bearish momentum. This trend has been visible throughout most of 2018 and it seems there is still no improvement in sight. Although some markets feel this pressure in less spe
Crypto Arbitrage Today - Plenty of Juicy Profits to ExploreMaking money in the cryptocurrency world requires an open-minded approach first and foremost. Numerous opportunities exist to score profits along the way, and the small price gaps should not be passed up on whatsoever. Arbitrage opportunities, for example, often revolve around exploiting minor price
Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Start the Week With Modest GainsDigital asset prices are seeing modest improvements on Monday, Dec. 17 as the top 10 cryptocurrencies have recorded gains between 5-19% over the last 24 hours. The entire crypto-economy has captured a market valuation of $108 billion but global trade volume has remained flat, showing no immediate si