Singapore’s First Legal Trial Over Bitcoin Trading Disputes Began Today
How is Bitcoin (BTC) Doing Today?
Bitcoin [BTC] Starts The Week Strong, Will It End It The Same?It has become a signature move for bitcoin to start the week strong, only to lose its gains towards or at the end of the week. As it does so, it both drags up altcoins and drags them down. This has continuously increased panic and pressure among holders to sell-off when the coin begins rallying. In
Cardano Price Loses Another 7% As Market Remains Uber BearishThere isn’t much to be excited about in the cryptocurrency industry today, as most markets are suffering from a new round of bearish momentum. This trend has been visible throughout most of 2018 and it seems there is still no improvement in sight. Although some markets feel this pressure in less spe
Crypto Arbitrage Today - Plenty of Juicy Profits to ExploreMaking money in the cryptocurrency world requires an open-minded approach first and foremost. Numerous opportunities exist to score profits along the way, and the small price gaps should not be passed up on whatsoever. Arbitrage opportunities, for example, often revolve around exploiting minor price
ALTCOINS Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD a Buy Today, Tomorrow a Sell?
Ripple (XRP): Ripple signing 2 production contracts a week – Brad GarlinghouseBrad Garlinghouse is in Singapore, for the Singapore Fintech festival. Yesterday, he held an interview with Bloomberg and shed light on ripple’s progress, such as where the technology is today in terms of adoption, and the challenges they have faced all through the year. According to Brad, ripple h
Dec. 4th, the market appears bearish with EOS (- 9.01%) being the top loser  The cryptocurrency market appears bearish today. Among the top 10 coins, 8 of them dropped comparing to their last 24h price with EOS (- 9.01%) being the top loser. OMG has the most capital inflow today, which is 41930k USD. Its price has dropped by 0.95%.  EOS has the least capital inflow today, which is -61817k USD. Its price has dropped by 9.22%.  Today’s top 3 rising cryptocurrencies WECC (Increased by 194.21%) OEX (Increased by 144.58%) PRG (Increased by 82.6%)  Today’s top 3 falling cryptocurrencies WTL (Droped by 45.44%) MGE (Droped by 41.99%) TTU (Droped by 38.99%)  Concept of Today:  The hottest concept:  Stable Currency 2 coins raised up (Top winner: USC, +128.31%), 5 coins drop down (Top looser: PAX, -0.94%) The weakest concept:  Super Power 1 coins raised up (Top winner: RLC, +0.62% ), 4 coins drop down (Top looser: MGD,-29.57%)
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Cryptocurrency Market Update: OKEx New Margin Trading Pair Propels XRP Markets still climbing today; XRP leading the way, Polymath getting pounded. Crypto markets are still moving upwards this Tuesday and momentum is positive. A number of altcoins are making strong gains today which has pushed total crypto market capitalization closer to $215 billion, its highest level for a couple of weeks. Bitcoin has not been the catalyst this time and has remained at the same level overnight. BTC is currently trading at Just over $6,400, but poised for further gains. Ethereum has also remained static over the past 24 hours and is still around the $210 price level. It too could start to climb if market momentum continues. XRP is today’s top gainer, not just in the top ten, but the entire top one hundred. XRP has added 13% on the day according to Coinmarketcap taking its price to $0.523. Trade volume has over doubled from $400 million to $850 million as XRP leads the markets during Asian trading