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TEMCO-Supply Chain Management ReimaginedTEMCO is developing a supply chain platform on Bitcoin Smart Contract (RSK). In existing supply chain systems, information is disconnected. As a resul
Head Ripple: Bitcoin is actually controlled by China Bitcoin is under the control of China due to the fact that the country's largest mining pools are located in its production. This was stated by CEO Ripple Brad Garlinghaus, writes TheStreet.
End of Year! Is The Bear Dead? Outlook!The market has found a zone of support and appears to be finding a range to be traded in! This could be A spring board for a major movement! I can't b
Interdax Crypto Exchange and Token. How does this change the way you trade.Introduction to InterDax, Exchange and Token.Interdax (International Digital Assets Exchange) is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on derivatives, primarily perpetual swaps and futures. We allow up to 100x leverage and we aim to become the leading exchange of the crypto derivatives space in few mont
Saiterm [SAIEX] | CryptocentralBlockchain and Smart Contracts open many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the n
TANZŌ: Blockchain Social MarketplaceTANZŌ: Blockchain Social Marketplace