برای دیدن آن خواب،آن خجسته ی مطلوب چقدر باید از این روز های بد، بشمارم؟
بعد از گذشت دو ماه... کسی میدونه الان به تومن چقد میشه؟؟؟ راستی دوستان شما چقد تو wallet دارین؟
‏Your money is not in your pocket, Your money is in your💎MIND💪🏻
A͙n͙a͙l͙y͙s͙t͙ M͙a͙s͙t͙e͙r͙: The intended recipient of the package will then receive a notification that their package has been stolen by a drone. The package recipient can then presumably call the police to report the incident, as well as the merchant and the shipping company which delivered the goods.
🎓 Do People Really Use Bitcoin? 🔰📱🔰 How Can You Get Bitcoins? 🎓🔰 Do People Really Use Bitcoin?In short, yes. There are millions of transactions of Bitcoins per day, which means that the Bitcoin network is being used frequently. In fact, every day you see more and more businesses starting to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. However, it is nearly impossibl
یک کوچه ی پُر برگِ دل انگیز نداریم🍁 یک پَنچره از منظره لبریز نداریم! یک عصر! کمی خِش خِش و باران تو بگو چند!؟ ما اهل کویریم،پاییز نداریم... #محسن-حمزه
How much Satoshi has been withdraw to your Wallet from below website today(every Sunday) امروز (هر یکشنبه) چه مقدار ساتوشی از سایت زیر به کیف پول شما واریز شده است
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