jurnal news cryptocurrency XCLUSIVE: BAKKT AND ETHEREUM: Ethereum Contracts Were Included In Bakkt's Initial Launch Plans;Additional Contracts Bakkt remains a hot topic of discussion across the crypto ecosystem. It is seen in some corners of crypto as a bear market savior while others see it as…
Market Bloodbath – Recession Impending or Regularly Scheduled Programming?
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3 reasons why it is better to invest in Ethereum than in Bitcoin Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of investment firm BKCM LLC, focused on digital currencies, believes that Ethereum is a better option for investment than bitcoin.
پدر چقد طول ميكشه از اين فقر نجات پيدا كنيم ؟؟؟ چهل روز پسرم !!! بابا يعنى بعد چهل روز ما پولدار مى شيم ؟؟؟ نه پسرم عادت مى كنيم اين هست واقعيت جامعه امروز ما فقر =پدر شرمنده 😢😢😢😢
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مقایسه میان شخصیت بابانوئل و حاجی فیروز!! چرا باید بابانوئل کادو بده؛ ولی حاجی فیروز گدایی کنه؟ رسم و آیین ملتی که"افتخارش فقر باشه"؛ هرگز به چیزی"جز فقر نخواهد رسید... #پاور _ ریپیست _ اتحاد ایرانی
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Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Breakout or Further Decline?Litecoin Price Analysis (LTC)In the past three days, there was a strong rally in bitcoin, coupled with gains altcoins such as Ethereum, EOS, litecoin and ripple against the US Dollar. The LTC/USD pair surged above the $95.00 and $100.00 resistance levels before it faced sellers near the $107.50 and