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Money Sculptures by Justine Smith
CoinGecko Q3 Report Shows Rise in Non-Fungible Tokens, Infrastructure, and Novel Exchange ActivityIn part of a long read series on quarter three (Q3) reports from a handful of different perspectives, BTCManager will flesh out some of the summer trends as well as give a better idea for future steps. In the following analysis, CoinGecko provides some insight into which projects are earning the most attention ICO-wise, the rise of masternodes, as well…
A dozen ways of Mining- Mining through GamingWhat comes to your mind when I say mining?A couple of dwarfs with headlights in mine-carts?Or a giant bitcoin mining farm with massive bitcoin-mining
Trans-Fee Mining Exchanges Score PoorlyTransaction fee mining exchanges, often linked with wash trading and fake volume, have scored poorly in Tokeninsight’s report. Hong Kong’s Fcoin exchange is one such casualty, its score lowered, with the report noting how “Transaction mining trends once brought a large amount of traffic to the platf