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Amidst Recent Market Crash, Susquehanna ‘Crypto King’ Emphasizes Crypto Is a ‘Long Game’NewsBart Smith, digital asset head at U.S.-based global trading and technology firm Susquehanna, has said he is still a long-term Bitcoin (BTC) believer amidst the market crash during an episode of CNBC’s “Fast Money” Nov. 20.Speaking just as the price of Bitcoin had plummeted to its lowest levels s
What's going on with the market, why it's falling with no support at all?Well, I have posted the charts and update about ”RIP Bitcoin” a few days ago in which I told everyone that Bitcoin is overpriced and will be overpriced if there is no use of Bitcoin in real life. The last year hype was from all the big whales and also the people around the world came to know about t
Take a look at Bitcoin's present and futureToday and now Bitcoin prices are traded at $ 6,150 in digital currency markets,My friend, the good news is that for you to start extracting and keeping (investing) in your wallet account, and day by day (bitcoin) is rarer.
New Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Sees 700,000 Transactions in One DayOn Thursday, Nov. 1, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents who call themselves the Professional Stress Test Team, performed a network stress test on the BCH chain. During the course of the day, the BCH network saw over 733,000 transactions and a 14MB block that cleared 73,000 transactions in one fell swoop. Also read: Anypay […]
Friends had to plan to get Bitcoin.Pay attention to your earnings per month Because your activity and your efforts must progress every month Your success when it is determined that the revenue of this month will increase by the previous month.Whenever you fail, you tried, but when you did not do it, you did your job well.Bitcoin is in your hands. Just have a calculated plan.😄😘
Venezuela wants to submit Petro to OPEC as a unit of account for oilVenezuela will make an attempt to present the Petro as a unit of account for crude oil trading to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) next year. Manuel Quevedo, the President of the country…
Ripple Announces the Final AMA of 2018According to a recent tweet, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, would be participating in an AMA on 18th December. The AMA would be the last one the company would be participating in this year. Monica Long, the SVP Marketing at Ripple, would be joining Garlinghouse in the AMA.The questions have already
Doubling Down as Bitcoin Plunges is a ‘Problematic Mindset,” Says Personal Finance AuthorAs the price of Bitcoin continues to fall, many investors are doubling down and sticking with their decisions, which is a sign of a ‘problematic mindset’ that leads to more loss, Business Insider India reported on November 21, 2018. Identity Crisis Strikes Investors Despite the hard hits cryptocurrencies have taken recently, particularly bitcoin, many traders are refusing to let go…
which coin to buy in the dump 1st rule to buy a crypto how well do you know the coin your buying. get the basic information about the coin and how many exchanges it's listed on the technology behind it and how can it be utilised if your convinced buy it 2nd rule is from a trading point never buy a coin that is already pumped more that it should be if the coins value is 0.01 cent it's pumped 0.050 cent and its all time high is 1$ never buy it as in bear market it will shurely get dumped remember it's only for bear markets 3rd rule is buy the rumour sell the news if there is a coin you heard that has some official news remember OFFICIAL not just a hear say then buy it and before the launch or news or release sell it you will stay prosperous 4th rule to keep in mind always buy a hyped coin.if you hear everyone talking about it it shure is good plus it's previous data and long run report tell you it's good it should be in you wallet some honerable mentions tron,verg,xrp, vechain,cardano,substratum,wabi,icon (not financial advice bro)