Norway Revokes Mining Subsidies, Bitmain Opens Washington Facility Norway will revoke electricity subsidies currently available to cryptocurrency miners at the start of next year. Also, Bitmain has opened a 12 megawatt data center in East Wenatchee, Washington, and Bitfury has announced new additions to its advisory board and board of directors.
ماینرهای جان‌سختی که در زمستان رمزارزی دوام آورده‌انددر بازار نزولی کنونی ماینر‌ها به دلیل کاهش ارزش دارایی‌های دیجیتالی سودآوری کمتری دارند. بسیار از آن‌ها کسب و کار خود را به منظور سودآوری تنظیم می‌کنند. برخی ماینر‌های خارجی نیز که توان رقابت خود را از دست داده‌اند مجبور به ترک این صنعت شده‌اند. ماینر‌های با تجربه در غیاب ماینر‌هایی که مجبور به ترک
Bitmain Layoffs are Bearish for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) says Kyle SamaniBitmain recently made the news with reports stating 700 employees could be laid off by the mining giant. The mining giant recently confirmed that “staff adjustments” are underway.Bitmain employees have confirmed that over 50% of the staff will be laid off, but Samson Mow from Blockstream suggests th
Nvidia may have lied about crypto earnings to avoid stock crashA recent analysis of Nvidia's earnings last year suggests that the company may have lied about how much it made from crypto. The hardware manufacturer
Has Bitcoin Mining Ended?Because the bearish season still hit the cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin mining industry has suffered because mining Bitcoin (BTC) has been unprofitable or rather the company faces losses due to the decline in Bitcoin prices.BitmainBitmain, a Bitcoin mining company based in China, experienced dif
Bitmain Confirms Layoffs, or What It Calls ‘Adjustment to Our Staff’On Tuesday (25 December 2018), according to a report in Coindesk, Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain confirmed that it is restructuring itself in order to "build a long-term, sustainable and scalable business."In a statement given to Coindesk, a Bitmain representative said:“There has been some adju
Former Bitmain Employees May Find Refuge in a Spinoff Startup Called MatrixAccording to regional reports, members of Bitmain Technologies and other connected subsidiaries like Copernicus are starting an offshoot company called Matrix. It is not officially known yet just what Matrix will do but some sources allege that the new spinoff will offer cryptocurrency lending servi
Bitmain: Chinese Media Reporting Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan to Step Down The year is not ending on a good note for Bitmain. The Beijing-based bitcoin mining giant is possibly looking at the resignation of its CEOs Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, according to Odaily, a Chinese media outlet. The company has not officially confirmed any of the media allegations yet. But sources inside the organization have revealed that both Wu and Zhan are in conflict with each other over Bitmain’s dismissive financial performance in previous quarters. They did tell 8BTC:
Bitmain halts development of its new mega mining facility being built in TexasThings haven't been going great for the once dominant mining company Bitmain. Jihan Wu is being replaced as CEO and the company has recently had to lay off many of its employees, and now Bitcoinist is reporting that the company has halted forward production of the so called "mega mining" facility it