Pivot Market Prediction Has Been RelaunchedPivot Market Prediction is a blockchain investor's educational game based on predicting the direction of the cryptocurrency markets. The pivoters can make real profits and express their views on the trend of the cryptocurrency market in this game.
FAQ of Pivot Market PredictionSince some pivoters have question about the rules of Pivot Market Prediction, Pivot Team will try to answer all questions about Market Prediction in this post, hope it's usful for you.
2 Winners Won 3,000,000 Coins in 'Big Win'This game provides you a great chance to win a large amount of Coin bonus.
PVTP is supported and be available to participate in games now! Pivot Market Prediction has been relaunched. In order to play the game smoothly, please make sure your App version is 1.11.0 or higher. Thank you for your support and have fun! 
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safura: [FOR FREE]  This field runs in risk-free mode,meaning that you can make prediction for free (Once a day) and if you predict correctly (includes 3 parts), you will receive real PVTP tokens  after the voting closes on a particular prediction.
What is “Up or Down” ?This game can be understood as a quick versionof binary prediction. Usually, the final result will be obtained from the Binance market within one minute. The fixed odds model was adopted in this game. Fixed odds allow you to secure a given profit at the time of a placing your votes. This profit will
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