Pivot Market Prediction Has Been RelaunchedPivot Market Prediction is a blockchain investor's educational game based on predicting the direction of the cryptocurrency markets. The pivoters can make real profits and express their views on the trend of the cryptocurrency market in this game.
FAQ of Pivot Market PredictionSince some pivoters have question about the rules of Pivot Market Prediction, Pivot Team will try to answer all questions about Market Prediction in this post, hope it's usful for you.
2 Winners Won 3,000,000 Coins in 'Big Win'This game provides you a great chance to win a large amount of Coin bonus.
my lastest market prediction
کیا امروز جای چهار هزار پاور بالاتر پاور گرفتن ؟؟؟؟
wooow We will continue with power again, my truepredictions.
My second and third successful prediction✌😍
my first prediction is correct💪🤗😍
safura: [FOR FREE]  This field runs in risk-free mode,meaning that you can make prediction for free (Once a day) and if you predict correctly (includes 3 parts), you will receive real PVTP tokens  after the voting closes on a particular prediction.
اینم حدس ارزهای دیجیتال
класс! wallet added to dotlab stolar; the largest airdrop of history is on its way! The Digital Currency Wallet Provider announced full support for the XLM with a $ 125 million AirPort for its users. This announcement was released yesterday in the official blog of this wallet. The BlackBerry Wallets dot com from its AirPort as the largest digital currency history airer and probably the largest consumer award program (in all areas). کیف پول بلاک چین دات کام استلار را اضافه کرد؛ بزرگترین ایردراپ تاریخ در راه است سایت ارائه دهنده کیف پول ارز دیجیتال بلاک چین دات کام ( از پشتیبانی کامل استلار (XLM) به همراه یک ایردراپ ۱۲۵ میلیون دلاری برای کاربران خود خبر داد. این اطلاعیه روز گذشته ۱۵ آبان دروبلاگ رسمی این کیف پول منتشر شد . کیف پول بلاک چین دات کام از ایردراپ خود به عنوان بزرگ‌ترین ایردراپ تاریخ ارز دیجیتال و احتمالاً بزرگ‌ترین برنامه جایزه به مشتریان (در تمام زمینه‌ها) یاد کرده است.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2019 Predictions – Vol. VIIBlockTribune / Bruce Haring /21.12.2018Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2019 Predictions – Vol. VIIOpinion | December 21, 2018</ br> By: Bruce HaringWe continue our series of predictions from the industry’s thought leaders on what may happen in the coming year. By almost any measure, 2018 was a challen