Boomers, Gen-X Doubled Down on Bitcoin During LockdownBaby-boomers and Gen-Xers have doubled their investment in bitcoin every month since the coronavirus lockdown began.
Crypto Whale Joe007 Criticizes Bullish Bitcoin Price PredictionsThe 4chan user’s price predictions were correct until July 2019, correctly predicting the flagship cryptocurrency would be trading at $9,200 then.  It then pointed to a $16,000 price tag by October 2019, but that month BTC fell to a $7,500 low before recovering to $9,000.
Crypto Quant Fund Exec Compares S2F BItcoin Model to AstrologyThe chief information officer for the crypto quant fund Strix Leviathan compared the popular bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) model to astrology in terms making a price prediction.
'I'm Getting Bitcoin', Says Comedian Bill Burr Due to Frustration With BanksPompliano, a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, explained how banks are unable to provide their clients with a protection of over $250,000 from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for some accounts.
Cardano News Today – Cardano ADA Price Surges to the Moon as Shelley Code Goes Live on the Mainnet – July 22nd, 2020Cardano News Today – Cardano ADA has been on fire for the last 24 hours as the development team finally uploaded the Shelley code on the mainnet. The token surged by more than 15% against the USD and the bullish pressure is accumulating irrespective of the rest of the market. Other altcoins were bearish but Cardano ADA was surging. The token was the best performing in the market as it has been since the beginning of the year. The token has gained independence from Bitcoin and other altcoins. Will the token continue to rise days and weeks after the launch?
Kyber Netowrk (KNC) Is up Over 650% YTD Thanks to Upcoming ETH Staking RewardsThe Kyber Network’ KNC token has seen its price rise over 650% so far this year thanks to an upgrade that will be introduced into the network this month, allowing users to stake tokens and earn ETH rewards while participating in governance.
Crypto Trading Woes: What They Are and How UpBots Solves ThemEveryone who has ever tried their hand at cryptocurrency trading knows that the whole process is much more difficult than it appears at first glance. There is a certain learning curve, which varies on a case-by-case basis, but there are tools that can help you flatten it almost completely.
Best Stocks Under $5Stocks under $5 also known as penny stocks are made up of small companies’ low-priced shares. These are often some of the cheapest stocks you can buy —on Robinhood or elsewhere. They include energy stocks, biotech stocks, and others. Penny trading stocks is a way to invest in those companies that aren’t mainstream.
Major Bitcoin Wallets Could Be Vulnerable to Double-Spend AttacksResearchers from cryptocurrency startup ZenGo, which is building a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, found major cryptocurrency wallets could be vulnerable to double-spend attacks.
Litecoin News Today – Litecoin’s MimbleWimble Testnet May Launch Mid-September, July 2nd, 2020Litecoin news today – The senior developer on Litecoin’s MimbleWimble project, David Burkett, has given an update on how far the project has progressed in the last 30 days. Burkett claims the stage is now set for the protocol to undergo a mid-September launch for its Testnet. Burkett issued the update via a tweet. In the tweet, the Litecoin Foundation highlighted Burkett’s monthly progress on MimbleWimble. The protocol is designed to introduce private transactions on Litecoin’s network. Experts expect this development to reignite investor interest in the digital asset (LTC). A mid-September testnet launch for the protocol makes sense.