Crypto Startup Bitsa Adds Support For Privacy Coin Monero (XMR)Adding support to this virtual currency is an important step for the whole crypto market. The firm is offering crypto prepaid cards. In this way, users are able to easily spend their virtual currencies anywhere they are.
The rights of BEE holders are updated now! BEE will have more scenarios applicationLatest news from, recently BEE is listed on multiple trading platforms, and in the future BEE will have more scenarios in the blockchain. will continue to upgrade the services of BEE special rights and also cooperate with global high-quality blockchain innovation projects to build a stronger ecosystem. **BEE Rights Upgrade Introduction** Destruction day on Monday: The platform will take out 70% of the net fee every week to buyback BEE from the secondary market and destruct it. The buyback and destruction situation will be announced every Monday. Dividend Day on Tuesday: The platform will give out 5% of the net fee every week as a bonus reward, and it will be distributed according to the number of BEE staking by each partner, and the community partner dividend will be paid every Tuesday. Rights on Wednesday to Sunday will come soon, please stay tuned!
Dynamic | Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions is 988According to data, the number of bitcoin unconfirmed transactions is 988. At present, the difficulty of mining bitcoin is 15.55T, and there are still two days and three hours before the difficulty adjustment. It is expected that the difficulty will be increased to 15.40T next time, a decrease of 0.92%.
Today's fear and greed index drops slightly to data shows today's fear and greed index at 46 (yesterday's 43), the level of fear is the same as yesterday.
BB: EOS holders remain CEO BB just tweeted that those who attack EOS with uncertain terminology are trying to create fear without substantial evidence. According to some studies, "99% of all transactions involving DApp smart contracts recorded are on EOS." Some netizens said that most of these transactions were related to EIDOS. From this, BB states that, sadly, most networks and even EOS management are constantly developing, its consistency is unparalleled, and EOS coin holders remain constant.
CSW: It is recommended to transfer all things in BinanceAccording to screenshots posted by Weibo users, CSW said it is recommended to remove all things in Binance. Any asset on CSW Binance is risky. As the script progresses, it is likely that it will be lost or confiscated again with Mt.Gox, and only the things that are willing to be donated to the scammer and the US government will remain there (Binance).
Bitso Wants to Become a Bigger Player in the US-Mexico Remittance CorridorBringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream is an ongoing challenge. Bitso, a crypto trading platform, tries to achieve this goal by going after the remittance market.
Analysis of three reasons for |'s favor and promotion of Petro in VenezuelaRecently the Venezuelan government required stores to accept Petro payments. The Zerohedge analysis said the Venezuelan government favored Petro for three reasons: 1. Avoiding U.S. sanctions. Venezuela's oil exports fell by a third in 2019, largely because of us economic sanctions. The Petro, a digital currency that allows people to send and receive money anywhere in the world, is far less likely to be detected by the U.S. government. Why does Venezuela push for oil at home instead of demanding it in international transactions? If Petro doesn't have a very big market, few people are willing to accept it. So by increasing domestic demand for Petro, Venezuela reduces the risk that foreigners will accept them, if only in the short term. 2. Internal monitoring. For international transactions, Petro offers financial privacy that traditional cross-border electronic transfers do not provide for those seeking to circumvent U.S. sanctions. For insider trading, by contrast, it almost certainly offers far less financial privacy than cash. Even without international sanctions, the government may want to push citizens to trade in the physical bolivars for Petro. Petro has made it much easier to monitor transactions and punish those who conduct transactions that do not meet the goals of the incumbent government. 3. Cash shortage. By reducing the need to print new money during periods of hyperinflation, Mr. Petro has reduced the likelihood and extent of cash shortages. (
The stolen bitcoin entered into multiple exchanges, but the ownership has been identified as a problemThe Chainsmap monitoring system found that some of the 1,547 bitcoins stolen yesterday had found their way to dozens of addresses on more than a dozen exchanges, but there would be legal questions over who owns them because they had been mixed with bitcoins from other sources. According to SXWK, a data analyst, the money laundering of stolen bitcoins has taken the form of constant splitting and merging, and then small amounts into the user addresses of major exchanges after over-the-counter transactions. This process connects very quickly, and judging from a large number of other sources of bitcoin involved in it, it is obvious that a large probability has used the third-party coin mixing service, which has been prepared for a long time. So far, only a handful of stolen bitcoins have actually gone through the process, often ending up in single-digit bitcoins mixed with other participating sources and sent to multiple addresses at the same time. Although this process is still technically traceable, from a business perspective, the bitcoin that eventually flows into the relevant address may only be small bitcoins bought over the exchange by different users. The ownership of the bitcoins and their proportion to the stolen bitcoins will be more of a legal issue.
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