XRP Price Falls Lower Against The USD, Will Fall Below $0.30, What Hope Is There For XRP?In the early hours of trading yesterday, the price of XRP was hovering above the resistance at $0.3300. Suddenly, the bears struck and the price of XRP feel below this resistance. XRP lost the support at $0.3250 and $0.3220. It went as low as $0.3175 before it started correcting higher and moved above $0.3200. When the price of XRP didn’t fall below the 50% Fibonacci retracement level from the last $0.3288 to $0.3175 drop, analysts predicted that an upside rise is imminent. This morning, however, XRP lost this support, fell below $0.30 and is still falling lower against the USD. Within a 24 hour period, the price of XRP is down by more than 10%. It moved as low as $0.2904 and almost broke the support at $0.2900 before it started moving higher against the USD.
How Can You Become a Successful Writer?So you aspire to become a best-selling author and have a fan following of thousands waiting to get a copy signed by you. But, how much effort do you put to start that book? We know you think about it all day, while you work in the office, you drive back home or while just flipping the pages of one of your favorite books. You need to put that effort of getting the work started and we can help you it. You can make your dream come true but only if you take out the precious time to write. In this blog, we have shared some wonderful secret that will help you get to a steady track of everyday writing.
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD is Expected to Bounce at $159In case the Bears maintain or increase their pressure and $159 level does not hold, Ethereum price may decline to $150 level. Should $159 level holds, the price may bounce and the Bulls may take over.
Apple Stock Predictions 2020: Future Forecast for Apple (APPL) Stocks – Is Apple Profitable in the Long Run?During 2018, Apple struggled to bring its new iPhones to the light. The models from 2018 resembled, in many ways, the models from the last year. With the increased prices of, Apple couldn’t just go in guns-blazing and sell them as intended. 2018 was a rough year for Apple, yet their stock in 2018 ended at almost the same value where it started the year.
How Online Tutoring Can Help You with AssignmentsStudents are always loaded up with projects and assignments, especially the ones in high school. Can you relate to this scenario? We understand how you feel stuck in the middle of an assignment not knowing how to get done with it on time. You need to write, edit, brush up and get the papers together in a bunch for submission. All this within a given deadline! Hectic, isn’t it? Thankfully, now you can chill a bit without worrying about the number of projects you have in hand. Why?
Amazon Stock Future Forecast (AMZN): Amazon Could Hit $10.000 Sooner Than PredictedIn the first quarter of 2018, analysts predicted the rapid growth in stock for Amazon. Some of them said that their business would grow so fast, that the stock is going to be near $10.000. Of course, it takes a lot of work to get there and the general prediction is that it will happen in around 7.5 years. Still, with their stock of just above $1200, it’s almost ten times more in just less than a decade.
Will Google Stock Continue To Grow? Google Stock Price Prediction: How Profitable is Investing in Alphabet (GOOGL)?During the past couple of years, Google saw a significant improvement over its stock value. The stock value slowly approaches $1300 and at this price, it represents a great opportunity.
After Predicting Cryptocurrency, IMF Reportedly Makes Proposal to Kill Fiat Cash – BTC News TodayThe failure of the conventional financial system is often seen as the ideal springboard for widespread cryptocurrency adoption. The idea is simple. If bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies are truly the future of money, then money, as we know it now, is faced with the threat of an imminent doom which will usher in the era of cryptos. In bitcoin BTC news today, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reportedly declared war on fiat currency through a new policy that could reduce the value of fiat savings making it illogical to save money in fiat currencies. Put side by side with the suggestion by IMF boss that cryptocurrencies will determine future savings, one can only imagine a grand plan to dethrone central bank-controlled fiat and enthrone decentralized bitcoin (BTC). This could boost BTC price and affect bitcoin price prediction 2019 and beyond.
Cardano Long-term Analysis Extremely Bullish For 2019 And 2020, ADA Will Cross $0.50 SoonYou see Cardano is one of the Ethereum killers of the new generation. Just like Ethereum is used for hosting decentralized applications and smart contracts, Cardano is also a hosting blockchain with many use cases. However, it is cheaper, faster but not as popular as Ethereum. IOHK, the company behind the Cardano blockchain, hopes that Cardano will eventually overtake Ethereum. Even if we are still far from that, it important to note that Cardano has made significant progress since its inception. Soon, with the Cardano Shelly, it is going to have what it takes to drive the ADA token into mass adoption and eventually give it a spot on the top 5 list on CoinMarketCapital.
Crypto Exchange UBLEX Launches Virtual Financial Asset Management ServiceIf compared with asset management services that already exist in the financial market, UBLEX’s newly-launched VFAM service boasts easy registration and simple commission calculation.