IOTA vs BlockchainThere is something I don’t understand. Here in the US, every time I listen to a crypto influencer talking about IOTA, I hear mainly negative things. Like most of us, I am hooked on the crypto industry, and in 2016, I started looking into IOTA. I learned that IOTA has a different architecture from th
Golds Best Use Case Is BitcoinThis is in response to the article entitled “Drop Gold and The Myths We’re told”.Before I begin I would like to clarify this is not investment advice and that I have no affiliation with Grayscale or Mr. Barry Silbert, or anyone working there for that matter. I do own bitcoin, and I also own gold and
Hodl Hodl’s official statement for Iranian tradersLocalbitcoins has recently restricted trading on its platform for Iranian customers, so we would like to invite all of the Iranian community to trade with us at’re open to and would like to embrace the Farsi-speaking marketHodl Hodl is committed to global expansion, and Iran is no ex
Someone just paid a $17,000+ Litecoin Transaction fee.It’s a rare and unfortunate occurrence when it happens, but yesterday on the 23rd of May 2019 someone paid a 200.00360600 LTC transaction fee valued at $17,536.30. The transaction according to data provided by blockchair was issued at 08:59 within block 1636831.TXID2aa61f5b0a36e521a88b33d74a8d985c73
Altcoins as an investment2Q.2019. Is underway. And judging by the market now is the time to buy very cheap altcoins! Not one of them has even started his steady growth and did not have its powerful UP trend. Currently, most of the altcoins may be undervalued. It has long been known that altcoins are super volatile digital a
What is Bitcoin halving, and why should you care?Bitcoin (BTC) is truly extraordinary. It has similar features to traditional assets, but it also combines aspects that we have previously not seen.Bitcoin ‘halving’?Remember, bitcoin is a deflationary currency designed around the idea that there are only so many bitcoins available, 21 million total
Become a better trader with the DPP Platform’s Strategy TemplatesOur goal with the DPP Platform has always been to empower anyone to trade like a pro by making algorithmic trading and algorithmic strategy creation intuitive and accessible. With the drag and drop algorithmic strategy creator, the DPP Platform can make crypto trading more attractive to new adopters
Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin.) Satoshi and the SophistsU.S. Supreme Court Justice Louise Brandeis wrote:“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”Bitcoin is the most efficient system, and will help us to stamp out dishonest
A Closer Look at Submarine Swaps in the Lightning NetworkSubmarine swaps have been in the talk for a couple of weeks and there are already some interesting implementations in products and services . But, what exactly are they and how do they work? In this post we answer these questions.To understand submarine swaps, we first need to talk about HTLCs: hash
Is Bitcoin Too Risky to Own?By now, most of us have heard stories about people losing lots of money by investing in bitcoin. Acclaimed business professionals have criticized the digital asset for simply being too volatile to be worth owning, and financial leaders have chalked it up to being nothing more than a bubble built on