Blockchain — The saviour of the energy sectorOne of the most striking aspects of blockchain is the idea that blockchain can replace existing authorities, for example, banks and governments with a distributed and decentralized network of trust, held in place by clever mathematics.The blockchain is the shared database technology, and it is set t
Faster than light? What is the Lightning NetworkFrom the rise of Bitcoin in 2008, the question of cryptocurrency scalability became an issue for the majority of cryptocurrency giants. Why is scalability so important? Basically, the thing is that the Bitcoin network has a limit of transactions per second. Around 7 transactions can be performed. Th
Digax Announces Crypto-friendly Business Account Service for UK SMEsWe are happy to announce the launch of Digax Pay, our crypto-friendly business account service for UK SMEs.For too long crypto related businesses have struggled to access affordable banking services, we’re taking the first steps in solving this today!A digital payment account for the digital age.Che
The crypto exchange selection: TOP 5 recommendations from lawyers.CoinPulse, Liqui, Kvadriga, Coinbin — this list could be easily extended. From the end of the year, 2018 cryptocurrency exchanges have been closing with almost a monthly frequency. Declared reasons for such closures could be very different, from the common lack of liquidity to a “sharply revealed” s
Exchange Ringgit to Ethereum(ETH) at ATM Machine in MalaysiaAlmost all the Bigwigs of the Business community know that Cryptocurrencies are the new future. People like Elon Musk is the great advocate of Cryptocurrencies and the founder of twitter also have invested a lot in the digital coins. It’s a formed fact that Cryptocurrencies are taking over the paper
Bitcoin meetup in BaliWe’re holding a Bitcoin meetup in Bali on March 28th, in cooperation with @dojobali. The number of seats is limited, and entrance is only allowed with an invitation. We’ll personally contact everyone who has expressed interest in the meetup, everyone else DM us!
Crypto gets expert supportThe last week has been good for the leading cryptocurrencies, with more days showing all the tickers in the green than in recent times. Even the mainstream media has picked up on the fact that perhaps the bears have been chased back into the woods, with the UK’s Independent newspaper publishing an a
Top 6 reasons to join our decentralized travel ecosystem on the Stellar NetworkExperio was born out of a necessity to solve a personal problem I had while founding, an online travel agency specialized in experiences, water sports and outdoors activities in Colombia.Our target market, at the time, was English speaking expats and travelers willing to book unique t
Crypto Daily: Japan Introduces New Regulations for Cryptocurrency Margin Trading; 6 Banks Sign Up to Issue Stablecoins on IBM’s Blockchain NetworkJapan Introduces New Regulations for Cryptocurrency Margin Trading[cointelegraph] Japanese financial regulators have reportedly introduced new regulations or cryptocurrency margin trading, local news agency Nikkei reported on March 18.The Cabinet of Japan, the executive branch of the country’s gover
Lightning Network Celebrates First Year with Progressive Scaling SolutionsIt was March 15 of last year when the Lightning Network officially went live with its beta implementation. Just a single year from its first release, the Lightning Network has now seen progressive scaling solutions with a capacity that is over a thousand BTC or around 4.2 million USD.The Lighting Ne