SEC Starts Evaluating Bitcoin ETF ApplicationsThe SEC began evaluating the Bitcoin ETF Application. This is the application of Bitcoin ETF from NYSE Acraid and NYSE. The SEC will decide within 45 days unless there are extraordinary developments. The journey of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has just begun. The SEC, NYSE (New York
Bitcoin Giant and Cryptocurrency Extraction from AustraliaStep Bitcoin giant from Australia, an important step is taken to spread cryptocurrency. With myCryptoCard, cryptocurrency can be used wherever there are POS devices in Australia. There is no cryptocurrency that can be used besides online channels.There is a significant breakthrough for other Bitcoin
IBM Struggles Against Drought with Blockchain Technology and IoT DevicesWe often hear about how Blockchain technology can lend itself to many uses. Now we will talk about the case of using this environmental technology to combat drought. IBM will launch a project to combat drought in California, which will exploit blockchain technology and Internet of Things devices kno
Digycode Sells Criptovalute at 10 Thousand Retail StoresCryptocurrency can be sold at retail outlets in France through coupons. The digital currencies involved are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Dash.All operations are possible thanks to a partnership between the new French company Digycode and Ingenico, a platform that integrates electronic paymen
Premium Tinder Features Can Be Purchased with DogecoinFrom now on the use of the Tinder online dating application is increasing ahead of Valentine's Day yesterday, February 14. Tinder is an online dating application that uses the Freemium model. Tinder is free to download and use, but for other features that require additional fees, those who can now u
Why Is Blockchain Better Than Traditional Bureaucratic Institutions?First and foremost, the blockchain offers unusually high levels of information security and integrity records, ensuring authenticity. This minimizes the possibility of counterfeiting and the risks associated with failure in the operation of a centralized hub. It also contributes to the rapid exchang
Andi Ali: Only 18% of Americans involved in this study said that they could trust the government. The possibility of independent verification of public procurement, which can be provided by the crypto industry, can significantly increase citizen trust in their authority.
How do Blockchain Change the Fundamental Scientific Sector?Blockchain has made people change their views about various social institutions. Modern fundamental research requires scientists to work long and hard. Some of these studies help create new products and services. But, despite the fact that successful financial strategies are available to support man
Is the Future of Global Trade Connected with Blockchain Technology?According to a joint report by the World Economic Forum and consulting firm Bain & Company, public accounting technology will lead to the fourth orthodox industrial revolution, which will increase international trade by $1 trillion.This report highlights the importance of block chain technology to a
Bitcoin is in Danger Despite Rising, Low Peak FormationBitcoin starts this week with just a drop. Bitcoin is trading between two levels and shows a downward trend. Many analysts present their technical analysis on February 11. Not relieved even though Bitcoin rose.Bitcoin, the market leader in cryptocurrency, has caused a low peak in the declining marke
Exchange Bitcoin Shares Dropping 5 Cryptocurrency from Register!The Bitcoin stock exchange announced that Binance will release 5 cryptocurrency from the list in the coming days. All coin trading activities will end at 13:00 after 22 hours.Binance made 5 coin registered cryptocurrency. The five coins that are affected are: CloakCoin (CLOAK), My Mode (MOD), SALT (