NEO and Ontology Announce Partnerships to Build Next-Gen InternetTwo leading blockchain projects in China, NEO and Ontology (ONT), will collaborate to build cross-chain platforms. The news ruled out speculation that the two projects competed directly with each other. During a recent city hall, NEO and Ontology (ONT) announced that they would jointly build a cross
Analytics Companies Find the Majority of BCHSV Transactions that Come from the Weather ApplicationAccording to a report by the CoinMetrics blockchain analytics company, the weather application named WeatherSV is responsible for more than 94 percent of all transactions on the Bitcoin SV (BCHSV) network. This finding, published July 14, 2019, is part of CoinMetrics's larger research project on Bit
Blockchain Implementation Still Rarely in the Asia-Pacific RegionThe hype around the blockchain industry shows no signs of completion in the near future. However, when one looks beyond the hype, the reality looks very different, at least in the Asia-Pacific region. A recent survey conducted by Ernst and Young found that almost 70 percent of companies in the regio
Wall Street Struggles to Realize the Potential Blockchain Even After Billions of InvestmentThe start of blockchain technology initially triggered a gold fever among Wall Street investors. This excitement is similar to other innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. However, this excitement has given way to pragmatism as investors begin to rethink the cos
U.S. Finance Minister Has Very Serious Concerns About Facebook LibraU.S. Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin held a press conference today about cryptocurrency, where he targeted the cryptocurrency planned by Facebook. Libra, as it is now, according to him can be misused by money launders and terrorist financiers.Cryptocurrency analysts expect some details about changes
Binance Chain Launches Galileo, the Latest Version of the MainnetBinance's blockchain network, Binance Chain has completed an upgrade to its mainnet. The main cryptocurrency exchange announces this news on July 15 through a post on its website. Binance revealed that this version was titled Galileo. According to the exchange, this name was inspired by Galileo Gali
Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Cryptocurrency Recovers $2.3 Million in Stolen FundsNews appeared on July 12, 2019, that the exchange of Tokyo-based Bitpoint cryptocurrency was hacked and a $32 million cryptocurrency fund was stolen. Now, investigations relating to hacking have managed to find and recover $2.3 million in cryptocurrency stolen from the stock exchange.This hack was f
Blockchain Promotion Laws Enacted in the US, More Innovations in TravelWhen it comes to the latest innovations and technology, the United States does not want to miss. This same sentiment applies to blockchain. Long after taking small steps to accept technology, the US Senate Trade, Science and Transportation Committee just gave a green flag to the Blockchain Promotion
Uber Signs Agreement with Blockchain Startups Focusing on Health ServicesA San Francisco-based travel sharing company, Uber has announced a partnership between a subsidiary focused on health care and the blockchain startup, Solve.Care. Solve.Care will receive access to the entire Uber American fleet as part of the agreement. The startup said that this partnership would g
BitPoint Joins the Growing Hacked List of Japanese Cryptocurrency, $32 Million StolenExchange of Japanese cryptocurrency, BitPoint has announced that it is a hacking victim. The hot wallet used to store online funds is compromised. This attack means nearly $32 million in user funds is lost. According to BitPoint, hacking occurs at 10:12 p.m. Tokyo time on July 11, 2019. The amount s