HODL is the Most Useful Advice in the Bitcoin Domain for BeginnersIn essence, this advice can make us not be stressed if we have 100 percent intention to play Bitcoin (BTC).Buying Bitcoin is like betting with Satan: Buying, wrong. Don't buy, wrong. But, the point is this, if we already have Bitcoin now, we can calm down. At least, we have entered the elite class o
Selling or Bitcoin Hodl When a Cryptocurrency Market Is Destroyed?Three weeks have passed, the cryptocurrency market is increasingly destroyed. The price of Bitcoin was even more destroyed, according to several well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Indodax, Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and Bittrex. Last year, the price of Bitcoin had topped its peak, precisely in
Is It Safe to Invest in Bitcoin When the Market Is Collapsing?Is it good or safe to buy Bitcoin (BTC) when the cryptocurrency market drops? This is a difficult question to answer because no one knows whether the price of Bitcoin will rise again or go down. If you believe the price of Bitcoin will go up the answer is yes, but you may have to wait for the price
Bitcoin Price Increases 12% in the Last 72 Hours, but Traders Must Stay Alert!Since December 8, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $3,210 to $3,588, and has managed to make a profit of up to 12 percent against the US Dollar.In the same timeframe, the cryptocurrency market added $11 billion to its valuation, avoiding a further decline below the $100 billion figure, this i
How to Get More Than 1500 Daily POWER from the Pivot ApplicationBasically, for each post you read, by pressing the "GET READ POWER" button, you get 100 POWER. And the maximum is 1500 POWER per day. That means only enough for 15 friends, or 15 posts.How to Get Power More than 1500 POWER DaysFIRST, you can get daily power of more than 1500 POWER per day, by inviti
Miners Are Getting Used to the New Situation of the Crashing MarketsThe cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has released a report that the total hash rate of the Bitcoin network had fallen by approximately 31 percent. The percentage represents around 1.3 million Bitmain S9 miners that have been turned off.It's important to mention that BitMEX based its research on the el
Ethereum Price Analysis Dec. 10th: Can The Bullish Momentum Take ETH Back Above $100?The crypto market marked new annual lows during the past weekend. Bitcoin hit the $3,200 price level, which is the lowest BTC price since October 2017, and Ethereum lost the $85 support to test an $80 price tag which was last seen during May 2017.After hitting the above lows, we noticed a short sque
Bitcoin Price Analysis Dec.10th: Is This Only a Correction Before Discovering New Lows?Bitcoin had enjoyed a second short squeeze, but this time the movement was weaker, around $200 gain. The most significant message is breaching out of the wedge pattern to the bull side (at $3,380), along with breaking up the 50 days moving average resistance line. The breakout had led to a more subs
The Waves EcosystemBy early 2017, the Waves platform had only a functioning network and a wallet in its portfolio of working products. And in early 2018, when saying "Waves," it is most appropriate to use the word "ecosystem."Waves strives to create a closed system through which businesses will be able to create and e
Business Cards Collected In Consensus Reveal Sad Story About Crypto Projects LifeMuch had been said about how the last months have been a shedding process the crypto space. Many once-promising projects have now gone silent or are slowly approaching death’s door; the extravagances of the bull market have now been traded for a more humbled and minimalist approach in order to survi