What is the differences between Ripple and XRP? Ripple is a software technology that provides efficient solution for sending money globally. XRP is a digital asset, an open source blockchain technology. But why they are always link together? Comments & Opinion are most welcome!
CRYPTO The MovieThe official movie trailer of the CRYPTO cyber-thriller has been uploaded on Monday by Rapid Trailer. Starring globally recognized Hollywood actors and actresses including Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, and Alexis Bledel, the dramatic CRYPTO trailer portrays the story of an outcast Wall S
Facebook is developing its own crypto.Facebook has given cryptocurrency a thumbs-up.On Thursday, The New York Times reported thatthe social networking giant is in the process ofdeveloping its own cryptocurrency, which itexpects to launch the first half of this year.
MyEtherWallet To Launch Fiat WithdrawalsMyEtherWallet and crypto finance platform Bity have unveiled a crypto-to-fiat gateway without users needing to pass KYC.Users will be able to exchange up to $5,000 worth of crypto into fiat on the gateway.This comes as MEW announces the launch of its version 5 wallet.Source: CryptoBriefing
TOP 5 countries by number of Bitcoin ATMs:1. United States 26032. Canada 7023. Austria 2714. United Kingdom 2125. Spain
Still best to Hodl!In my opinion, BTC, ETH and XRP are still best Cryptocurrency to Hodl!
Pyramiding is a scam, get away from this kind of scheme guys!
New Way to earn PVTCheck it now and Bind your PVT account to Hapo
BTC Surged by 1.03% Within 5 MinsCoinNess Market Index shows that BTC surged by 1.03% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks $3541.00 on Binance. CoinNess Market News Flash
TRX Price Gained 6.43% in Bear Market, Second Biggest Winner Among Top 100 CryptocurrenciesTRX has been taking a continuous downward trend since hitting a year-to-date high of $0.034 USDT on Binance January 10 (UTC), 2019.Three days later, it edged up again. The coin dipped to a nine-day low of $0.020 USDT at around 16:00 January 13 and fluctuated for about nine hours before a sharp rise