XRP Loses Momentum: Could JP Morgan’s Crypto Spell Trouble For Ripple?Ripple’s XRP token has lost momentum of late. A couple of weeks ago it was the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization by a good margin. At the moment it can’t seem to get out of second gear as Ethereum streaks ahead increasing its lead.In today’s market wide crypto rally XRP has only m
2019 in Crypto is Year of the DEX: NEO’s Nash to Launch, Main Competitor of Binance?The launch date of the much-anticipated decentralised exchange being built on NEO, Nash, was announced by platform co-founder, Fabio C. Canesin during the Sunday afternoon session at Neo DevCon 2019.Canesin and the rest of the team working on Nash are hoping to provide an application that gives user
Chainalysis Secures $30M: Despite Bitcoin Crash, Crypto Venture Money Still FlowingThe so-called “crypto winter” has undoubtedly been tough on a majority of this ecosystem’s upstarts, even those with supposedly colossal war chests and copious amounts of talent. Heck, earlier this week, Ripple cut Bloomberg alumni Cory Johnson, the fintech firm’s chief market strategist, due to shi
Bitcoin and XRP Beware? Industry Reacts to JP Morgan ‘JPM Coin’ Crypto AnnouncementAfter first calling Bitcoin a fraud in 2017, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon later said he regretted the statement in 2018. Now his firm has announced a new crypto called JPM Coin that’ll be used to instantaneously settle payments between banking clients in a similar vein to Ripple’s XRP.The announc
Fees Are “Ungodly”, Buy XRP at Binance Using Your Credit CardRipple Prices under pressure but bullishBuy XRP using your credit card at BinanceTransactional volumes are below averageGood news is Binance is opening up new demand corridors after finally allowing users to buy XRP and other cryptos using their credit card. Undoubtedly, this will help fuel demand a
Bitcoin Giant BitMEX: Major Financial Crisis Could Be Several Years AwayThe economy is doing just fine, they say. No, maybe not. A growing number of economists (and notable ones at that) have begun to tout theses accentuating that the world’s economy isn’t in clear waters, in spite of the seemingly ever-rallying stock market. Bitcoingiant BitMEX’s research division brok
Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Investors Are Underwater, But BTC Bounces Back QuicklyBitcoin’s highly publicized meteoric rise to its all-time high of $20,000 in December 2017was a classic bubble cycle at its peak. The media attention and hype from individuals talking about the crypto on social media and in social circles sparked FOMO (fear of missing out) in retail investors who ev
Bitcoin is Not Only a Hedge Against Inflation, But a Cashless Society TooBitcoin (BTC) may have lost over 80% of its value over the past 13 months, but many have argued that its underlying value proposition has only become more and more apparent. Hasu and Three Arrows’ Su Zhu, two crypto researchers, touched on the subject matter on Tuesday, when they released a collabor
Researcher: Bitcoin Lightning On Square Could Be Bigger Than Crypto ETF, Bakkt CombinedAlthough many industry insiders talk a big game about the real world viability of Bitcoin, as it stands the cryptocurrency has seen little adoption. In fact, it has been anecdotally said that the number of brick and mortar merchants accepting BTC has plummeted, not risen over the past years.Yet, thi
Wall Street Crypto Advocate Says Bitcoin ETF Is A Matter Of When: What’s Behind the Confidence?All eyes may be on the QuadrigaCX imbroglio, but talk regarding the implications that a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could propose have continued. This isn’t without reason. Since the Winklevoss Twins effectively started the race for a publicly-traded crypto fund, deemed a “paradigm-shifting”