Crypto Industry Execs: This Bitcoin Bear Market Is The Best YetAs much as some like to sugarcoat it, the crypto market has lost 85% of its value since the jaw-dropping early-2018 peak. This collapse, which pushed Bitcoin from $20,000 to $4,000, has effectively stopped the cryptocurrency gravy train dead in its tracks.Gone are the days that “blockchain” was a po
QuadrigaCX Imbroglio Takes a Turn After Widow Claims CEO Mixed Personal and Company FundsThe crypto community has been sitting at the edge of their seats watching the complex and nuanced situation surrounding the now defunct QuadrigaCX exchange unfold. Recently, news broke that Big Four Auditing Firm, Ernst & Young (EY), had discovered that the exchange’s cold storage wallets were nearl
Here’s What Warren Buffet Misses About Bitcoin…  Billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffet, has once again offered his thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC). Appearing on  CNBC earlier today, he stated that his position on the digital currency had not changed.However, the more Buffet offers in way of critique of Bitcoin, the more it app
A $1 Million Bitcoin: Is It a Reckless Speculation or an Inevitable Reality?The extremely bullish target is once again trending high inside the cryptocurrency space thanks to Jesse Lund. The IBM executive, who heads the firm’s blockchain & digital currencies wing, recently said in an interview that bitcoin would reach a seven-figure value.Media ran the story. People spread
Bitcoin Is A Hedge Against Bolivar-Induced Financial Suicide, Claims Venezuelan EconomistSince Venezuela entered its current crisis, Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies become a popular subject in the nation. Carlos Hernández, an economist in the strife-filled Latin American nation, recently issued a New York Times op-ed to discuss the matter, elaborating on why the flagship crypto can b
Ethereum (ETH) Long Positions Skyrocket as Constantinople Nears, But Analysts Expect Post-Fork Plummet  Over the past month Ethereum (ETH) has seen some overwhelmingly positive price action, surging from lows of $104 to highs of over $150. Part of this price surge may be due to its upcoming Constantinople hard fork, which will offer the crypto multiple enhancements and will reduce its future inflati
Reddit Founder Talks Crypto Winter and Ongoing Innovation in the SpaceThe founder of the social news discussion website Reddit has once again commented on his belief in the future of crypto. Alexis Ohanian has long been a believer in the fintech innovation and states that the bear market has driven many speculators from the space, allowing developers to concentrate on
Binance Coin Controversy: Love it or Hate it BNB Keeps Climbing  As expected when a two day rally occurs on crypto markets there is the inevitable correction. Total market capitalization and daily volume has fallen back as day traders take profits and top performing crypto assets start to cool off and fall back. There are a couple however that are defying this
Crypto Market Wrap: A Few Survivors As Markets CorrectCrypto markets starting to pullback; BNB, Maker and Stellar are keeping in the green, BCH, and Ethereum starting to slide.Crypto markets have started to correct as expected after a two day buying bonanza. Volume and market capitalization has pulled back a little as traders start taking profits. The
Crypto Fundamentals: What is Driving The Massive $20 Billion Rally and How Long Will it Last?In the past 3 weeks, the valuation of the crypto market has increased by more than $22 billion from $111 billion to $123 billion.There is no shortage of technical charts, indicators, analysts and observers trying to predict where crypto markets and Bitcoin will go next. They are far more volatile th