Top 7 Cryptocurrency Investment Tips to UseEverybody nowadays is looking for a way of making money from cryptocurrency. Be it through mining, trading, or investing, there are plenty of ways in which you can make a profit. However, it’s not as easy as it looks to be.You may have the money to invest, but what exactly should you do with them? F
London-Based Crypto Exchange— Cubits has Gone into Administration After $32.5 Million ScamAnother crypto exchange has been added to the long list of digital asset trading platforms robbed in 2018. The platform in question is a London-based crypto exchange called Cubits. According to a recent report, traders cannot deposit or withdraw funds until further notice (Administration). Several o
BTI Report: Only Binance and Bitfinex Exchanges Are Not Falsifying Trade Volume DataThe Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), has released its December 2018Exchange Volumes Report. The report goes on to state taht only two out of twenty five top cryptocurrency exchanges are actually reporting accurate trade volume. These two exchanges are Bitfinex and Binance. The rest of the ex
Indicate Platform’s Staying Power Amid Crypto Winter: ConsensysEthereum "is strong [...] it is diverse, it is growing, and it is receiving attention from individuals and industry players across the world," the Ethereum-focused development company Consensys reported recently in an extensive statistical report.The quintessential Ethereum (ETH) company, founded by
Why Coinbase Needs XRP Now More Than EverAs we wind down 2018, crypto traders have endured an almost 12 month wait for Coinbase to make a decision whether to list XRP or not. Around the 4th of January this year, the price of XRP climbed to $3.84 due to anticipation by crypto traders that the digital asset would be added on Coinbase. Howeve
Bitpay CEO: Bitcoin Price Built Off “Speculation”Big Component Of Bitcoin Price Is “Speculation”Since the monumental run-up in the Bitcoin price during 2017, pundits have speculated that traders have ousted investors, creating an environment that has been rife with price speculation. In a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Stephen Pair, CEO
Facebook Aggressively Hiring Blockchain Devs, Discussed Launching Cryptocurrency: ReportFacebook has embarked on an aggressive hiring spree to woo crypto experts to expand its blockchain group amid speculation that the social media monopoly is considering launching its own cryptocurrency.Facebook formed its blockchain unit in April 2018 with David Marcus, the former president of PayPal
F2P GAMES EXPLOSION: A FERTILE GROUND FOR BLOCKCHAIN TECHF2P (Free-to-Play) games have revolutionized the way everyone — from hardcore to casual gamers — thinks of gaming: with no initial economic “obstacle” to start a new digital adventure, as well as a stronger lock-in with astonishingly engaging core missions and virtual characters, these games provide
‘Wasteland’ Director’s New Blockchain Gaming Store Signs up 22 PublishersCo-founded by veteran game developer Brian Fargo, Robot Cache will purportedly be the first blockchain-based digital marketplace for video games.Brian Fargo Launches Blockchain-Based Steam CompetitorThe PC games platform is set to launch sometime in 2019 but has already signed up 22 publishers and 7
Cryptocurrency Landscape for 2019 Should Prepare for More Usable Products, Less ICO Token Hype2017 was a year of hype in which cryptocurrency projects such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and others expanded in the market and all over the world. There were many new projects launched every single day. The market was full of them.However, 2018 brought reality to the space. Projects that were