BREAKING: JP Morgan Launch First U.S bank Cryptocurrency, JPM CoinFamous U.S-based bank JP Morgan Chase has become the first bank in the United States to launch a cryptocurrency according to fresh reports from CNBC.The new cryptocurrency dubbed “JPM Coin” will undergo a trial in the coming months as a unit for settling fractions of the $6 trillion transactions pro
JP Morgan launches its own cryptocurrency; the first for a major US bankQuick Take .The US bank has created the JPM Coin, a stablecoin-like token. .The token will be trialled in the next few months for clients of its wholesale payments business.  J.P. Morgan Chase has taken the much-awaited step of launching its own digital token, CNBC reported Thursday. A “tiny fractio
Nasdaq to Launch Brave New Coin Indexes on Its PlatformNasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world, announced an addition to the Nasdaq Global Index Data Service SM. Accordingly, the launch of the two new indices on Feb 25 will track Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. Further, the indices will enable traders evaluate investments and track portfolio
Poolin Co-Founder Believes BTC Will Reach At Least $74,000The co-founder of the cryptocurrency mining pool, Poolin has recently claimed that he can see the leading cryptocurrency hitting highs of five million yuan ($740,000) in the future and that he also thinks that Bitcoin will be at least be at $74,000.There are other Chinese BTC bulls which have claime
TRX Price Predicted to Grow as Tron Expands Its Reach Entering the Gaming Sector Tron, having conquered the torrenting space, is now looking at gaming as its next target, with an MoU being signed with major gaming companiesContentsThe MoUAn active projectTron was always heralded as an ambitious project when its roadmap was released, and now, further down the line, the blockchain project is making big headway into different sectors. Its latest move, after conquering the torrenting market with its acquisition of BitTorr
Bitcoin Bottom Is In (Claims Chinese Billionaire)It doesn’t take the work of a financial genius to know that 2018 was a rough year for Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency market, in general. With the first and foremost cryptocurrency losing more than 80 percent of its value over the course of the year, the blood-letting has been extreme.With rece
Bitcoin [BTC] transfer worth $72 million pushes wallet address into the top-50 rich listA transaction that involved the transfer of 20,000 BTCs worth in excess of $72.58 million has pushed the wallet in question into the top 50 rich list of Bitcoin holders. The transfer in question happened on the afternoon of February 13, 2019.Upon checking the transaction on, it was ob
Bitcoin ATMs Grew by 720 Percent Since 2016, 3600 Machines Added WorldwideThe number of Bitcoin ATMs have grown by 720 percent since 2016, adding a total of 3600 machines worldwide. This year after year growth indicates growing interest from consumers.Bitcoin ATMs are kiosks which allow someone to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using cash, debit, or credit ca
Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC Found Support at the Recent High, Is It Heading for the $48 Top Again? LTC price prediction and analysis for February 14, 2019. I take a look at the price of LTC / USD in multiple timeframes and make a prediction on where it could go in the short term.Long-Term OutlookLitecoin Weekly Chart – Source: Tradingview.comA look at the Weekly chart for Litecoin shows that the price of LTC/USD has found resistance at the major resistance area formed by previous support near $50, and started a small retracement.It is currently trading at $42. It is worth n
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 2019 – Buy Now, Enjoy 20x ROI Later? Don’t Rush Before You Read Popular BCH Price Predictions Bitcoin Cash price forecast 2019 from leading crypto experts and websites: BCH promises to grow at least tenfoldContentsWhat do experts think?What can drive BCH growth?For many crypto holders, Bitcoin Cash is much more appealing than Bitcoin – it offers a higher processing speed and lower fees. Like its parent coin, Bitcoin Cash went through a boost in 2017: being launched for the price of $250, it hit the $6