Hapo sent 500,000 PVPs to 3141 initial participants!I just joined hapo and I think it's interesting, first I think I'm not interested because it's not directly related to the pivot system, but I think again this is a pivot collaboration program and this can also be an alternative to developing pivots and I strongly support this program .Exclusive awa
Ethereum Technical Analysis: Battling For Control Bulls are winning in the short-term for ETH, but more is needed to fully reverse the trend.ETH / USD is bullish in the short-term with buyers looking to target the $166.00 levelETH / USD pair’s Medium-term outlook remains uncertain until a series of major upside levels are breachedEthereum has turned bullish against Bitcoin, with price now trading above the pair’s 200-day moving average f
EOS, LTC Price Analysis: EOS (EOS) Overtakes Litecoin (LTC) In Crypto Tug Of WarEOS (EOS) is now above Litecoin in the present crypto market bullishness. The digital currency is fighting Litecoin (LTC) to retain the 4th position in the market.As it is now, Litecoin is trying to move close to EOS or even lead. Today, EOS dethroned Litecoin after the latter maintained the positio
The blockchain industry is sexist and still sucks at diversityDiversity is a term that’s thrown about often, and sometimes rather vacuously, but the fact of the matter is that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industries need more of it.According to Statista, female employees make up between 26 percent (Microsoft) and 43 percent (Netflix) of the wor
Crypto Analysts “Incredibly” Bullish on Ethereum as Price Jumps over 12%The new week has started on a good note as crypto prices go green. However, among the top cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is rocking the highest gains of overall 12 percent.At the time of writing, the second largest cryptocurrency has been trading at $138.24 with 24-hours gains of 11.40 percent. In the B
Only 3 out of 50 dApps operate on EthereumBelieve it or not, there are only three of the top 50 decentralized applications (dApps) which are dApps Ethereum or managed on Ethereum blockchain, according to data from DappRadar. The rest, developers seem to depend on rival platforms such as EOS and TRON.Of the 47 most active applications left,
Long-Term Indicator Suggests Bitcoin Price May Be Nearing BottomViewBitcoin’s weekly MACD has diverged in favor of the bulls. The indicator carved out a higher low in December, even though bitcoin’s price slipped to $3,100, signaling waning bearish pressures 17 months before the mining reward halving. Bitcoin witnessed a similar MACD divergence 17 months before
Ethereum’s Blockchain Is Once Again Feeling the ‘Difficulty Bomb’ EffectEthereum is being affected by what is popularly known as the “difficulty bomb” embedded in the code – and this month’s upcoming hard fork is expected to once again push its effects further into the future.The piece of code was originally created in an effort to create an incentive – a negative one a
State of Blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) Fees⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️Transaction fees make the bitcoin blockchain go round. The miners are compensated for their efforts, not only through inflationary block rewards, but also through fees charged to users for adding their transaction to blocks. While fees on average make up about 4% of t
Reason Saudi Arabia’s SAMA Isn’t Using Ripple (XRP) And Why It’s A Boost For The TechnologyThanks to the recent interview granted by the Head of Innovation at Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), Mohsen Al Zahrani, one year after Ripple (XRP) blockchain technology signed an agreement with the former. The dialogue birthed some clarifications about the partnership between both instituti