Zuckerberg only does good for himself, he has become a billionaire by selling Facebook users personal data and has gotten away with this because signing up to Facebook is free ☹️ how much does fb know about you? everything. how many questions have you answered in your FB profile?
still not sure about the whole ripple thing, centralization just ain't my bag a chips but happy with the growth of litecoin and the whole privacy part is awesome!! yes, pass the torch my way, we need to include everyone not just the rich and famous, funny how they always forget the rest of us..
thank you fellow pivoters! I am good and will be back to Pivot this week!! miss everyone here on our awesome platform and I greatly appreciate the concern!! talk soon!!
the market never lies. during bull runs when money is flowing like endless Rivers greed overtakes responsibility. there is no excuse for larger companies to operate without contingency plans in place in case of worst case scenarios especially when it comes to users 💰.
I hate whEn many people are told that Bitcoin had a bad year in 2018, a correction in an overvalued market is not only healthy but vitally important for the long term survival of that asset. pure speculation only last as long as the trend does. long term value is essential to a great portfolio.
I continue to say the same thing over and over, don't look at the bear your enemy look at him as your friend, in an emerging market like crypto quite often the most undervalued marker is accumulation. accept the current time as the most important time to build and expand your portfolio!!
thank you Pivot team for always paying attention to the community, I think that shows new users that they are utilizing an app that puts people first. Nothing better then a team that is involved!!
your very welcome!!
we have moved from believing in our doctors to believing in technology before our doctors. it's amazing the capabilities we have in our current universe. change is upon us in a massive way! that's what I like about pivot, staying in front of what's coming ahead!
Bitcoin and Crypto pose a threat to the corrupt global economy that controls populations by monopolizing currency and allowing the corrupt global elite 1%'s to hoard the majority at the expense of the minority. Fair Warning: All will be Disrupted.