Legitimate Uses Of CryptocurrencyBitcoin and cryptocurrency still carry a stigma, promoted by Big Media, that their only uses are funding terrorism and buying drugs on the Dark Net. After the last bubble crashed in 2018, many people are even under the impression that the entirety of the technology is a pyramid scheme or otherwise a
Cryptocurrency Criminals Used PUBG to Plan $2.47 Million Crypto Heist in TurkeyIn a unique case, a report says that a group of digital criminals communicated using popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds before attacking an Istanbul-based cryptocurrency firm.According to report, a group of online criminals from Turkey have been caught and detained by local aut
Price Analysis: Ontology (ONT), Litecoin (LTC) Get Bullish Crossover With Signs Of LifeThe crypto market is deadening, but some coins are signaling life in the space with green bullish flag to shake up their market value. <b>Ontology (ONT), Litecoin (LTC),</b> amongst the top 20 crypto coins in the market, are enjoying sharp pop up that is enough to break out of the bear.Despite the r
Cardano (ADA): 3 Reasons Why Cardano Will Be Huge in 2019Over the past few months, Cardano (ADA) has proven itself a stable cryptocurrency when compared to many other cryptocurrencies in the market. So far, the team behind the coin has made significant progress with many plans in play to help the coin reach its full potential.While the journey ahead is lo
Buying Groceries Using CryptocurrenciesIn another major step towards making cryptos mainstream, Australia has gone ahead to allow its citizens to make regular payments in crypto for even buying their grocery. myCryptoWallet, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the country has launched myCryptoCard which would allow its users to spend
nisar khan: The recent launch of its myCryptoCard would only strengthen its position both in terms of making crypto usage a reality and also push other crypto related service providers to look for similar measures and take crypto beyond the trade marketplace.
HOW BLOCKCHAIN WILL CHANGE THE FASHION INDUSTRYBlockchain has come a long way since it was known only as a support for cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain systems are starting to have an impact on
M D K: Travis Kling sure does think that cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, could be the answer to a crisis, or at least the asset that will be left standing after such an event.
Cryptocurrencies and Crime StatisticsOpponents of cryptocurrencies often claim that crypto coins are massively being used in money laundering, drug trafficking, weapons sales, financial crimes, and terrorist financing. The media regularly publish articles about new hacker attacks on crypto exchanges or money laundering through Bitcoins
Sajid Mahmood: As part of the closing statements in an open announcement to the NEM community, the NEM Secretarial Office, which represents the voice of the NEM Foundation’s executive committee and council, said in “one final message for all” that the NEM Foundation community members knew before “is gone.”
Tron (TRX) Lists 7 Life-Changing Applications, Launches Mystery Game For CommunityAfter a tremendous move in the space to unveil the long awaited Tron (TRX) Virtual Machine at the beginning of the day, the blockchain technology network that is reforming the web to become completely decentralized highlighted seven different life changing apps it has launched into its ecosystem ove
ICOs Sold 750,000 ETH Since November, 2.6 Million in the Past YearSome 39,000 eth was sold by Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on December 11th 2018. A few days later, ◊45,000 was sent to the market on the 14th of the s
Ripple (XRP) Gets Favourable Regulatory Environment In Southeast Asian CountriesThe year 2019 seems lonely tremendous for Ripple (XRP) after a devastating and daunting period at the start of Q4 2018. Close to the end of the previous year, XRP, the native coin of Ripple blockchain technology, climbed the table up to overthrow Ethereum despite the bear situation.At the beginning