Is Nano [NANO] coin the next big thing to look out for in the crypto market?Nano [NANO] crypto coin regardless of holding the 37th position in the crypto listing is progressively being welcomed by the crypto lovers. It has actually simply been 2 months that Nano [NANO] cryptocurrency experienced the enormous BitGrail hacking. In the unfavorable occasion, Nano [NANO] symbols
Why Is It Absolutely Necessary to Have Breakfast in the Morning?Most of the content on this blog is dedicated to training your mindset and boosting your productivity to reach peak efficiency in your daily life.But as much as we struggle not to admit, a lot of your efficiency and productivity can be traced back to your state of physical health.Yes, mental health
Qtum Announced as Amazon’s Partner in China; Coin Price Surges furtherPublic blockchain project, Qtum (QTUM), has been announced as a new partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the company’s Chinese division.<h3>Qtum & Amazon Partner Up</h3>As far as partnerships go, having your name associated with a firm the size of Amazon is a pretty big coup – especially for one
Titcoin – Making adult entertainment payments easier for everyoneElected Titcoin as the Random Coin of the Day for its focus on making transactions in the adult entertainment industry easier on everyone. The adult entertainment industry is now able to accept payments without banks causing them drama for what their business is, and patrons can pay more discretely
Should You Bet on PotCoin, DopeCoin or Other Marijuana Cryptocurrencies?The latest investing craze combines two things that are hot right now: Legal marijuana and cryptocurrencies.But whether pot-based crypto currencies are a match made on high -- or somewhere else -- may depend on who you talk with and your appetite for risk.PotCoin may be the best known of the budding
Gridcoin — A Crypto that Empowers Scientific ResearchThe Digital currency evolution started with bitcoin in 2009, the year when it was first introduced. Bitcoin and other altcoins have since then become a very important part of the world’s economy. The popularity of bitcoin has made digital currency synonymous with finance and fintech sector.However,
Decred (DCR): Pay Attention to What’s Happening With This CoinWhat could investors do as Bitcoin slides to yet another lower tier? Find other coins worth investing, to at least increase their Bitcoin holdings, with hope for the more distant future. One of those coins these days is Decred (DCR).The market price is deceiving, hovering near or below $100, but the
Auroracoin Airdrop: Will Iceland Embrace a National Digital Currency?Auroracoin, the “cryptocurrency for Iceland”, will begin distributing auroracoins to the country’s citizens this week. The distribution, which is being called Airdrop, will send 50% of the total auroracoins in circulation to the country’s populace. Icelandic residents that enter their permanent resi
Why Some People Don’t Really Know What They Want Out of Life?There are a lot of people that we meet in our daily life that don’t know what they want from life.They don’t have a clearly defined goal or purpose. Their daily schedule and routine is… questionable to say the least.I’ll be frank; many of us may have also suffered from this. Many of us are still suf
DApps that Pay: BetHash Multi-Crypto Casino's ROI crosses 160%!Decentralized applications had over 220,000 users in the past 24 hours and that shows that there's a booming opportunity in this market. Some dApp tokens, due to lack of awareness of their existence, are offering incredibly high ROIs compared to their price. This piece is on BetHash, which as per EO