Top Reasons Why You Should Join Lisk CoinThere are so many cryptocurrencies in the market after Bitcoin that you might be confused about which one to join. Most of them are dead because there1.All You Need To Know About Silk Cryptocurrency.2.Cryptocurrency Review: Meet Karbowanec (KRB).3.Cryptocurrency Review: What Is iCash?.There are so m
Metaverse ETP (ETP) Keeps Going Up in a Bear MarketMetaverse ETP is a project that many see as a potential scam, but the price has defied the bear market in the past two months.Metaverse ETP, a Chinese platform aiming to rival projects like NEO and QTUM, has defied the gravity of the markets over the past two months, enjoying an uptrend. On July 1,
Litecoins Rising Time?The rise in the value of Bitcoin has had a positive affect on the value of all crypto. Litecoin value has risen at a far faster rate than most other crypto.There are many factors that have contributed to the rise of Litecoin. The Litecoin Foundation has floated around the idea of implementing privac
Watch On National TV Discussing The Proposed Indian Crypto Ban Bill!I was in the news yesterday as I was invited by "India Ahead News" for being an early adopter to cryptocurrencies in India. It is an English mainstream news channel with a nationwide presence along with renowned cyber law expert from India Mr. Pawan Duggal to discuss the "proposed" nonsensical crypt
NRG Esports Partners with Cryptocurrency Enjin Coin, Will Distribute Team Branded TokensNRG Esports has announced a partnership with Enjin Coin, a gaming cryptocurrency and smart contract platform, developed by Singapore based company Enjin.<blockquote><p class="quotation">The NRG-branded Enjin Coins will be used to enter raffles, with prizes including trips to events/matches, gaming h
Movie Analysis: Godzilla - King of the Monsters (2019)The MonsterVerse of Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. goes on and the King of the Monsters is back with exactly that movie title. We had to wait five years for the continuation of the first Godzilla movie, although we also got to see King Kong in the meantime. Both belong to the movie franchise th
Louis Daniel: The creators seem to have learned from their mistakes, and that's great, because we get a monster movie how it must be!
Status (SNT) coin is not grabbing any headlines but very active on the technology frontStatus coin has performed similarly to the rest of the market in the last couple of weeks. We saw it peak around April 5th, when it reached levels of $0.0887/1342 satoshi. Ever since it has been a slippery slope for the currency, as it kept losing value throughout the month before reaching the month
What to expect from the Dent Coin (DENT) in 2019Mobile data exchange has become the new hit in crypto trading. What? is this possible? where will the cryptocurrencies stop? well, we suggest you stop panicking and check out this article about DENT that can essentially make your life a lot easier when it comes to your purchases of mobile data. The
Here’s Why We Think Populous (PPT) Could Be A Smart Long Term PickOne of the major impacts that bitcoin and the blockchain space is having on global industry is disruption-by-update. In the same way that many industries migrated to a network infrastructure on the back of the internet going mainstream, many more are now migrating to a blockchain based infrastructur
HYPER, a Cryptocurrency for GamingHYPER is a peer-to-peer digital currency that rewards users who “stake” their wallets by issuing compound interest, with settlement times 20x faster than Bitcoin.<b><i>The announcement states:</b></i><blockquote><p class="quotation">“The currency’s multi-stage economic model incentivizes users to ke