Shift Coin – A Cryptocurrency for a New EraShift Coin is a cryptocurrency. The age of digitalization has brought significant changes for the whole world. In addition to some of the dangers that lurk with it, people are primarily enriched by these new opportunities. For decades, the financial sector has been known to primarily serve a select
Flashcoin is a Diamond in the Rough.Whenever I look at what tokens to invest my hard earned Crypto Currency in there are a few features that I look for.Is it easy to use?Is the brand marketable?Is the price still at a level where I can make a nice profit?What is the technology behind the token?Is it decentralized?How Easy is Flash to
Telcoin (TEL) Hits 24 Hour Volume of $268,879.00It was good day for Telcoin (TEL), as it jumped by $4.23320000000015E-06 or 0.66%, touching $0.000645563. Global Cryptocoin Experts believe that Telcoin (TEL) is looking for the $0.0007101193 goal. According to 2 analysts could reach $0.00150935954181906. The highest price was $0.0006857784 and lowe
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Stop worrying and love Linda CoinI first came across Linda in early 2018 off the back of a silly price jump. Even in the crazy bull market at the time this jump from a market cap of a few million to 50 million in no time at all was notable.LINDA’s RushI started to research, exploring the team, the community and the idea as present
CasinoCoin - The gateway to the future of gamingIn the growing days of cryptocurrency, it is only natural for crypto holders to be interested in gambling options. CasinoCoin intends to not only offer gambling options to the cryptocurrency market but to do so in a way that will create a preferred peer-to-peer, regulated network.The HistoryOriginal
Skycoin — 2019’s Biggest CryptoYou best be ready because this crypto has the potential to be a Top 10 coin and if you don’t know why, you had better read on for a quick rundown of the most innovative company in the crytosphere.Skycoin has been in development since 2011, it has received input from some of the early developers of B
Why Do We Get Attracted to the Unknown? - The Beauty of MysteryThe unknown seems to be my definition of beautiful, the beauty of mystery. I'm an endless seeker with no past. There is this hunger for knowledge, to know what I don't know and to have what I don't have. I have learned to get out of my comfort zone to look for adventures, to brave new lands and to m
The Case For Reddcoin (RDD) Is Growing StrongThere is no denying that we live in a world of social media where likes, upvotes and retweets are common in our day to day activities. We always love sharing memes discovered randomly on the net. We love commenting on all Reddit posts that are good or bad. We love making noise on Telegram when a com
FantomCoin (FCN): The Next Big Cryptocurrency That Grew More Than 400%+The previous month we saw a huge growth for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One such hidden gem in the growth was FantomCoin (FCN). In the month of November this cryptocurrency was trading at a mere $0.09 and saw an all time high of $0.48 in the month of December. That’s a growth of almost 433%,