Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade: What is it All About?Updated on January 16th: Ethereum’s developers have decided to postpone the network’s much-anticipated hard fork after a smart contract auditor flagged a potential vulnerability in the upgrade.____Popular decentralized application and smart contract platform Ethereum is getting an update (Constantin
5 Ways To Store Your BitcoinIntroduction Sending Bitcoin from one address to another is somewhat similar to sending emails. Just like we need email providers to manage our emails, we need Bitcoin wallets to manage our Bitcoins. However, Bitcoin addresses look a bit more complex as they are made of a long string of letters and
Binance freezes funds stolen in Cryptopia hackChangpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has confirmed that the exchange has been able to freeze some of the funds stolen in the Cryptopia hack calling the movement of crypto to Binance a “high risk” maneuver.As covered by CNR earlier, beginning in the early hours of this morning  large amounts of crypto
Can A Digital Currency Have " Intrinsic Value?The term intrinsic still sometimes is used as a shorthand for “direct historical costs” by accountants. They are wrong. There is no intrinsic value. This will help:What currency does.Currency decreases costs of doing trade, better currencies decrease these so called transaction costs even more. If t
HSBC Uses Blockchain Technology to Complete FX Transactions Worth $250 BillionGlobal banking giant HSBC used blockchain technology to settle $250 billion worth of foreign exchange trades in 2018.Using their private blockchain platform “FX Everywhere,” HSBC processed three million transactions, roughly 150,000 payments, reports the Financial Times.Richard Bibbey, acting global
Five Crypto Currency Prediction for 2019SUMMARY:Fortune just released a list of five cryptocurrency predictions for 2019. Here’s a look at what the business magazine expects might happen in the new year.1.Tether will lose market share to competing cryptocurrencies.2.Facebook will create a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp.3.The US Securities an
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Time for a Pullback… Again!Bitcoin recently broke below a short-term rising trend line to signal that a reversal might be underway. Price has found support at the $3,600 area, though, and a pullback is taking place.The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA on this 1-hour time frame, indicating that the path of least
Startup: Google Blacklisting ‘Ethereum’ As Ad KeywordCryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH)–It appears that cryptocurrency has not fully turned on the corner on last year’s combined ban by Facebook, Twitter and Google.According to reports by auditing startup Decenter, Google has allegedly blacklisted the term ‘ethereum’ for its advertising platform Google ads
Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Sell Rallies Near $32 and $35Litecoin Price AnalysisThis past week, there was a sharp downward move from well above $38.00 in litecoin price against the US dollar. The LTC/USD pair broke the $38.00 and $35.00 support levels to move into a bearish zone.Looking at the chart, LTC price traded in a range above the $31.00 level for
Fomo2Moon a Blockchain Lottery for Everyone to Win 100% TransparentTired of blockchain projects that hoard your money without delivery? Fed up with the infinitesimal winning chance of traditional lotteries? What if there’s a Lottery even you can win? Not just chances, but also predictable income. Now, there is a Blockchain Lottery that doesn’t hoard your money, but