Kraken, Cobinhood, and Poloniex ranked the most secure exchanges in the world.Independent analysts, ICORating, have ranked the security of 135 platforms trading above $100,000 in crypto per day - and the results are in. U.S.-based Kraken and Cobinhood came out on top with a solid A rating, while Poloniex came in third place with a high A-.The report, released in December, ran
Handshake is attempting to make the Internet more open.Handshake was founded by was founded by Joseph Poon (co-creator of the Lightning Network & Plasma), Andrew Lee (co-founder & CEO of Purse), Boyma Fahnbulleh (Bcoin developer),  Christopher Jeffery (CTO of Purse), and Andrew Lee (co-founder & CEO of Private Internet Access)Handshake aims to replace v
Biggest Israeli Bitcoin Conference Brings Original Cypherpunks and Regulators to the Table.The 2019 Israel Bitcoin Summit by Bittax, has come to a close after hosting high-profile guests plus more than a thousand other blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe. Held at Tel Aviv University, the blockchain summit marked the biggest industry event in Israel to-date, and attendees took not
Coinstar Kiosks Across the United States Will Now Sell Bitcoin, at a Hefty Fee.What a great news for the U.S cryptocurrencies believers. The same bulky coin-counting machines that turn spare change into bills can now turn bills into bitcoin, at a price. Coinme, a Seattle-based Bitcoin ATM company, has partnered with Coinstar to enable Bitcoin purchases at grocery stores in Cal
Not All Blockchains are Born Equal: Finding the Right Consensus Algorithm.Information about consensus algorithms is hard to find, even though they form the backbone of blockchain technology. These algorithms are vital to ensuring that distributed ledgers run smoothly, and without them, a blockchain would no longer be considered decentralised. Let’s explore some of these a
TradeStation plans to launch their own cryptocurrency trading platform and brokerage this year.TradeStation Group Inc. will be moving into the cryptocurrency sector this year via a recently created subsidiary called TradeStation Crypto, Inc. which was recently announced through a press release on PRWire.The company is planning to open an online brokerage service catered for crypto investors a
Controversial Tweet Draws Fire CEO of Binance.Keeping your private keys safe and sound is everyone priority, after all, if you manage to lose the key then all of your hard earned cryptocurrency will simply disappear. Although, most people seem so to have a tough time coming up with ideas on where to keep their keys safe.  According to Changpeng
Criminals are using Fortnite to launder money through its in-game currency with Bitcoin.Criminals are getting smarter. Recently it was exposed by The Independent that certain players of the game Fornite are exploiting smash-hit video game Fortnite’s weak security system by selling illegally purchased V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, on the dark web at a discounted price.The crimin
Bitcoin Losses Are Tax Deductible. Here’s How It Works.2018 was a bruising year for bitcoin with the cryptocurrency falling 72%. A lot of traders and investors are in the red and may have sold their bitcoin at a loss. If that sounds like a familiar story, there is a small silver lining: bitcoin losses are tax deductible. You can claim bitcoin losses on
Binance Opens Fiat-to-Crypto Outpost to Target the UK and Europe.Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trading volume, has taken another big step in its growth by launching a new fiat-to-crypto exchange. The exchange was opened on the self-governing island of Jersey, acting as the exchange’s first fiat-to-crypto outpost, with a focus on