10 Bad Habits of Unsuccessful People. Instead of looking for traits to emulate, focus on ones to avoidThe first successful person I ever met — truly successful, with accomplishments I admired and ambition I strove to emulate — was an entrepreneur in his forties, a client of mine in the first real business I’d ever started. I was 24 and eager to learn; he was constantly cheerful, and had more money t
IOST x SpiderStore | Exclusive IOST Section Now Live! One of the finest Altcoin is IOST, has a strong developers team. They are very active to new development and tie ups.IOST has entered into a partnership with SpiderStore, the largest DApp platform and DApp game community in China. IOST will officially enter the “Ranking”, “Candy Box” and other sections in SpiderStore, and also cooperate with SpiderData and SpiderDEX in the future, making joint contributions to the
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and crypto hater Nouriel Roubini square off in SeoulSEOUL—It wasn’t exactly the Thrilla in Manilla. Nonetheless, the long-awaited debate between Nouriel Roubini, a New York University economics professor, and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin ended up generating almost as much excitement in the crypto world today as the recent spike in crypto price
The unbundling & rebundling of the Fintechs.According to a recent CB insights research report, global Venture capital funded deals topped $39 billion in 2018 — a more than 100% increase over the previous year spanning 1707 deals. Fintechs are reinforcing themselves as a global phenomenon with regional hubs emerging around the globe outside th
Binance Credit Card Payments will “Rekt” Greedy Customers.Binance allowing customers to use credit cards isn’t just wrong, its downright greedy and irresponsible.What a surprise it is then in the heart of the crypto winter, a time when Bitcoin has gone down so many consecutive months not seen since almost forever, that Binance, the world’s largest crypto e
First ever ICAC x IOST Ecosystem Conference - Introduction and Meeting Notes.On the 2nd of February 2019, ICAC organised the first ever Partner and Node ecosystem conference for the IOST network. Over 70 different teams and organisation joined, and marks the start of ongoing ecosystem conferences to discuss and decide on IOST’s decentralized governance, ecosystem reward mech
Chicago is becoming the fastest growing city for Bitcoin ATM machines.Chicago is known to be one of the finance capitals in the USA, but there’s more to it. Recently, it was discovered that Chicago is one of the fastest growing city for Bitcoin ATM machines. Already home to proportionately large numbers of Bitcoin ATMs, Chicago is about to get a lot more. The decision
Major Cryptocurrency Project NEM only has a month of runway left.The new council of the NEM Foundation, the developer of the NEM blockchain platform, said that it is facing a critical financial situation, having just “one month left of funding” to keep the organization afloat. The foundation claims that they “can solve this.”The new council, which was assembled j
4 Best-Performing Coins in 2019.Even though some of the largest crypto predictions for early 2019 did not come to pass — such as a start of a rally, the launch of Bakkt, or the approval of VanEck and SolidX Bitcoin ETF application — most coins did not get affected as strongly as it was believed they would. The crypto market has no
How Iran Went From Banning Bitcoin to Acknowledging it as an Alternative Currency.Throughout the past year, the government of Iran has actively explored the usability of Bitcoin in circumventing U.S. sanctions in dealing with its strategic allies such as Russia.Speaking with The New York Times, Ziya Sadr, a Bitcoin expert who has engaged in discussions with Iranian officials, sai