How to improve your trading gameThere are few ways of trading. Most commonly, long term (swing trading) and short term (day trading) . It is recommended for beginners to start off with long term trading (hodling) as the level of risk and stress is minimal. Just like any other tradable asset in the world, Trading cryptocurrency has
Application Scenarios of PVTIt’s obvious that Pivot has came a long way from what it used to be. Coming up with interesting activities frequently for everyone to participate and earn attractive rewards. The recent activity (soccer predictions) have been a massive hit amongst users of all ages and backgrounds. Given that pivot
Hidayat Nugroho: Prediction in Soccer games and Crypto trade is very interesting that brought us into the current reality, so it's always interesting to wait. That's the valuable point of hope. A Pivoter will survive if they hope. It's important to Pivot to appreciate the pivoters' hope. Not why but how to ..
I was a sceptic of XRP. Despite my concerns it did well for itself in markets. I got into the action at the worse possible time (At 8k sat) following FUD. And ended up in loss for the next few months. I recovered from that. And the lesson is never follow news and do your own research before buying.
Bumble Bee: don't know how many times, I made that mistake. learn from your mistakes.
The creator of ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Basel 💪 Congratulations Dr. Vitalik 🔥🔥🔥
Which coin do i “hodl” ?The term “HODL” is a slang which dates all the way back to December 2013 where a seemingly intoxicated user posted a thread on the Bitcoin forum with a typographical error in the subject line that read “I AM HODLING”. And since then it has snowballed in to being an iconic event in the world of Crypt
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Finally!!! I have Bitcoin… What on earth am I going to do with it now??? I’ve got nothing to loose at this point. So I just poked a whole in my wallet and bought 200$ worth of EOS somewhere in December 2017. To my surprise after a few days of buying it the price of EOS have sky rocketed from 4$ up-to 7$. I wanted to sell it off and get some of that juicy profit out of there. But I didn’t, this time I waited. So I waited eagerly and nervously not knowing when I should sell. As the price of EOS came to about 13$ I went ahead and sold it. I’ve made a profit of about 400$ with that trade. I couldn’t have been happier in my life going through all that and to take a profit of twice the money that I have initially invested. Bottom line is its very easy to get lost and loose all your money in the crypto markets. Therefore it is a must to keep in contact with the correct people and spend time doing research it’s not that difficult to succeed.
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