Bulgaria's Bitcoin Holdings Surpass Their Gold Reserves
Crypto Update 5 & 6-7-2019
Btc Bullflag. within a few hours we break out 👍 12000,- / 12500,- target
Whale Alert | Transaction Details
Local Eights Update. -Btc is almost at the Golden Ratio 30%retrace on fibonacci. -Germany is thinking about an E-euro currency. -vechain co founder 25million buyback for vet. -bitcoin price hits 76000,-usd on zimbabwe localbitcoins - pivot pvt moving to Binance chain.
BTC, if it hit over $11,500 support level then BTC will be over $20K not to far away from here.
wish you all the best pivot, hope ur project will be verry succesfull in the upcoming future👍👍
on 22 May 2020 00:37:50 is the BITCOIN halving. on April 8, 2020, 12:55 am EDT. is the Bch (abc) halving. what X roi Gain you expect.
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Litecoin T.a Update Bullish!! Target 1 : 108,- Target 2 : 130,- Target 3 : 184,-
bulls for every except x..who?🤭