Pvt Value and Listning.what you guys think is the value of Pvt when it is getting listing into the market. also i would like to get a respond from @pivot themself about more listing instructions and in what month this year?
less than 1 cent.
les then half a penny
7 votes
T.a Bitcoin Long! if i were to make an intelligent prediction upon looking at fractals and core indicators, we would start seeing signs of bull run beginning around mid to end July 2019 with price reaching A.T.H!!! of $20,000 around April 2021 and reaching $100,000 mark by Q4 of 2021. T.A. Who Knew
unbelievible zap? its gained from 1cent all up to 21 dollar from outta the nothing. never heard from it, i just saw it...... so if any of you own this zap token thing. cash it out immeditly!!! take those monster profit
Top 9 biggest Gainers Binance! 1: Enjin 6:Bnb coin 2:Bittorent 7:Raven coin 3:Agrello 8:Theta 4:Waves 9:Augur 5:Holo
Litecoin Halving Rally!! Sell/Resistances:  $60-64 - Sell - Neckline of IH&S, top of  rising wedge and top based on Fib Extensions - HIT  $94-104 - Sell 50% Target of the IH&S Potential target of the August 2019 Halving Rally   $140-150 Sell 50% Potential target of the August 2019 Halving Rally
Litecoin (LTC) Explodes, Is this the “Venezuelan Effect”
Profit Pump & Dump S4fe. i have no clue what S4FE is. but what i do notice is that its pumping every Pump hard. so you want to make some good easy fast profit give it a try
Bitcoin Ascending Triangle. as you can notice, on the first chart we got to the end of the triangle, gonna be Bearish to the downwards. in chart 2 the volume is verry low,that enough proof to know we go lower.
Bitcoin & the total marketcap.BTC is currently trading at ~$3,855, up ~0.35% over yesterday. The recent sell off was unable to push BTC below the 50-day EMA line on the daily chart. As a result, BTC continues on its current pattern of forming higher highs and higher lows since mid Dec '18. RSI level on the daily chart is also ou
As expected Bearish! there is the downfall as i predicted in the previous post, take profits ! and buy back lower in