Der deutsche bank official confirmed today (y) SendFriend platform launch, witht MIT Meida Lab, Barclays en Mastercard offical confirmed. Hsbc & xoom offical confirmed. This is big people verry big!! i would not surpris me seeing xrp reach a dollar around december 2019.
btc end of year bullrun. every day we are coming closer to the 420 day of the bear market. we all know this bear market is for 99% similiar to the last bear market,we also know that we are coming to the verry end of the 2018/2019 bear market. that means a long slowly stabile bullish run.
cryptopia is hacked. 15/01/19 read the imagine,of their offical post.
xrp chart. an upside target should we get a break is a nice target of .34 cents where the MA floats. a break to the downside would give us the .31 cent support.
Future Btc Tsunami. most people lose the real vision,but this is just the beginning. the future tsunami will come see my picture to understand the long sight.
just to remind you all. most valuable currency.
btc shorts vs longs. shorts vs longs Red line (Longs) Black line (Shorts)
Ethereum Hardfork jan 2019: hi pivoters,the upcoming hardforks from ethereum are almost there. Classic Vision Hard Fork for 1 eth you hold, you Get 3 Etcv coins. Ethereum Nowa  ETH owners will get 1 ETN (Ethereum Nowa) coin for every  ETH in their private wallets.
xrp vs eth. ethereum is overtaking xrp almost there.
whales keept buying masses of eth in whole 2018. whales keept buying eth,see the chart. 2019 ethereum will moon? comment what you think in a reaction.