Good news for few people DOVU will release own wallet finally. I know no one hodl DOVU token in here but i was waiting a year for this. I still expect this project despite depreciation. I Luv DOVU!
I’m happy to know there is an award tournament bonus. Thanks to soccer predictions I got 1000 PVT. How much will it earn if I was in a top 10? Interesting :)
Buy now!! I got mail. Coincheck just start re-listing XRP and FCT!
Hi pivotian. Where do you live? (Ver.2)
Northern America
Latin America
Arab states
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I'm sorry for worrying you. Last time I posted I sent BTC to temporary expired address and lost it. But thanks to Pivot management,they help my money out of darkness. I really appreciate them. Let’s go everybody and trust PVT to the moon:)
I got mail from Zaif exchange (famous hacked exchange in japan) In summary On November 22nd, management of Zaif will change from their company to Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange, Inc. And they are asking us to consent. If we do can get 1000 zaif token. It’s chance to acquire easy money
I expect that I am not the only one who thinks this is the most fun time in a day.
I got be a new title of “Warrior of PIVOT Prediction” I don’t know how could I got this,but actually I am a enthusiast of PIVOT predicting
I lost a lot of money due to the Great Depression today. But Pivot cheer me up a little. Save PVT steadily
Giant killings Estonia defeated Greece!