Good Evening PIVOTERS. Evening goes to bring new Morning.
Why I am silent ?
PVT ?How much work we have to do for 10000000 PVT ? Whole life, rebirth and work, die and rebirth and ---------- ????
postings, likes, votes and 👎👎👎LOT of postings, ohh boring and income 🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎 so, why should anybody stay here ? why, why and why ?
Earning from PIVOTCan Pivot admin display earners who earn daily ?
Happy women's day
Is it Bitcoin ? no, then ?India Announces New Rs 20 Coin With A One-Of-A-Kind Shape
Thought for PIVOTERS
Good Morning PIVOTERS
BTC for PIVOTERSPIVOTERS, when will I get 1 BTC ?