Predictions here are manipulatedif you predict on time still timer continues and results are manipulated here.Today i experienced this and came to know PIVOT don't let you earn. Scam app.
PIVOT 😥😥😥😥😥👎 PIVOT app is confusing like this.
Working without skil
????why, what and how ?
No, no, no don't expectDon't expect likes, upvotes from me, I may or may not do. I have started focusing on me, me and me. Let me focus on my daily work, it gives real money.انتظار نداشته باشید، از من انتظار نداشته باشید، من ممکن است یا نباشم. شروع کردم به تمرکز بر روی من، من و من. اجازه دهید تمرینات روزمره خود را تمرکز ک
Simple desperation ناامیدی سادهبله، اینجا را هدر نده برای کار با کار منظم برای کره نان برای شما و خانواده تان کار کنید. هیچکساثبات درآمد از اینجا نشان نداده است.boringYes, do not waste here. keep working with regular work for bread butter for you and your family. Nobody has shown proof of earning from here.
BoringYes keep working with regular work. Don't waste time here.
I Don'tI stopped power, like and vote.من قدرت را متوقف کردم، مثل رأی و رای دادن.
Till 2014 India had this situationCurrent governments growth chart is not digested by family owned parties and creating rukus in Indian elections. These parties created supporters on linguistic, religious and zonal basis. And these blind people oppose every good step of Indian Government. I agree that mistakes happen while working b
Indian politics*BREAKING NEWS :*अनिल अम्बानी का राहुल गाँधी पर जबरदस्त प्रहार । एक दो कोड़ी का आदमी जीन के खानदान ने हमेशा देश को लूटा है वह हर चुनावी सभा मे मुझे बदनाम करता है,मैं आज उससे कुछ सवाल करता हूँ, उम्मीद है मीडिया उस से पुछेगी ।( 1) मैं ओर मेरा परिवार भारत देश को हर साल करीब 50000/- करोड़ का टेक्स देते