Dexacoin — Financial Transaction Service Transformation PlatformDexa Coin is a revolutionary new business that simplifies receiving and receiving money around the world by providing a direct procedure for moving payments after eliminating the numerous steps existing in other traditional methods. This makes the whole process of transferring money not only simple
7 Best Seasonal Jobs And How To Get ThemCompanies are hiring for seasonal jobs all-year round. There are just some jobs where extra help is needed, such as retail stores during the holiday season, lawn and garden companies during the summer and fall months, and more. If you’re looking for a season job, you have plenty of options all year
The history of 90 years ago is actually a story about BitcoinAs the global economic recession getting closer, even the Bitcoin market cannot be spared. People’s greatest concerns is, what will be the future of Bitcoin?Since I’ve discussed a lot about bitcoin in previous articles, let’s put Bitcoin aside first, and talk about what happened in 1929. People may
Decentralized Organizations: the Corporation in the Age of BlockchainThe hottest industry of the 16th century was ocean exploration. But colonialism was a high risk business. The ships could sink or be captured by pirates. The expedition could be annihilated by a wild tribe.In 1599, the British East India Company was formed, with the mission of financing the coloniza
Cuba turns to cryptocurrency to skirt U.S. sanctionsPeople in Cuba are increasingly turning to cryptocurrency to skirt around U.S. economic sanctions.Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is allowing Cubans to get goods they normally have difficulty in obtaining due to their inability to possess international debit and credit cards.Cryptocurrency use heat
Secrets of Chinese Speculative Culture RevealedIn Chinese, speculation is referred to as “炒”, i.e. to fry. This term comes from the idea that when you fry something, you make it hotter i.e. more popular.The Chinese speculative culture is an interesting one. In the past two decades of relative economic boom, many sectors of the economy have grown
Bitcoin baller to tokenize $32 million pro basketball contractProfessional basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie is reportedly looking to tokenize his playing contract and turn it into a ‘digital investment vehicle.’Dinwiddie’s deal with the Brooklyn Nets, which he agreed to during last season, is to be used as an investment vehicle via a digital token offering
Iranian Miners Given Tax BreakIranian miners are smiling after the country’s tax watchdog has indicated that miners in the country will be exempted from paying tax on their earnings. Unfortunately, the exemption is not entirely free as the miners will have to repatriate their offshore earnings. When repatriating their overseas e
Libra Didn’t Have A Chance In FranceFrance may be a growing hub for blockchain tech, but its hospitality does not extend to Facebook. The country delivered a shock to the crypto industry when Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, announced that France would block any attempts for Libra to develop in Europe.“I want to be abs
Blockchain power trading ‘over any distance’ in remote WAA blockchain power trading scheme in the Western Australian bush enables far flung businesses and residents to go off the grid.Energy trading company Power Ledger has launched the first ever trial of its blockchain based peer-to- peer technology in the bush.Ten sites in the large Western Australian