B͠i͠t͠c͠o͠i͠n͠ M͠i͠n͠i͠ R͠a͠l͠l͠y͠, B͠i͠n͠a͠n͠c͠e͠ O͠u͠t͠r͠a͠g͠e͠ a͠n͠d͠ O͠t͠h͠e͠r͠ K͠e͠y͠ E͠v͠e͠n͠t͠s͠ o͠f͠ t͠h͠e͠ W͠e͠e͠k͠The past week was remembered for the sudden drop and unexpected return of bitcoin above the level of $ 7000, the arbitrariness of Binance Singapore and a record investment in Ripple. Read about these and other events in the traditional Sunday digest.Bitcoin price: rise from depth and familiar flatOv
C͠r͠y͠p͠t͠o͠c͠u͠r͠r͠e͠n͠c͠y͠ t͠e͠c͠h͠n͠i͠c͠a͠l͠ a͠n͠a͠l͠y͠s͠i͠s͠: i͠s͠ t͠h͠e͠ m͠a͠r͠k͠e͠t͠ r͠e͠a͠d͠y͠ t͠o͠ c͠o͠m͠p͠l͠e͠t͠e͠ t͠h͠e͠ d͠e͠c͠l͠i͠n͠e͠?The news of the ending week contributed to the acceleration of the downtrend in the cryptocurrency market. This is primarily due to the start of sales of PlusToken crypto pyramid assets. According to the analytical company Chainalysis, people associated with the acclaimed Chinese scam project have a
S͠t͠e͠l͠l͠a͠r͠r͠ʼs͠ M͠a͠n͠d͠a͠t͠e͠ H͠a͠s͠ S͠e͠t͠ A͠s͠i͠d͠e͠ F͠u͠n͠d͠s͠ f͠o͠r͠ t͠h͠e͠ N͠e͠x͠t͠ D͠e͠c͠a͠d͠e͠30 billion XLM allocated; 9 billion XLM in escrow.The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has published a mandate that outlines its plans for future spending. SDF currently holds 30 billion Stellar lumens (XLM), an amount roughly equivalent to $1.3 billion. The company is tasked with spending those
3 M͠a͠j͠o͠r͠ T͠h͠e͠m͠e͠s͠ R͠i͠p͠p͠l͠e͠ E͠x͠p͠e͠c͠t͠ t͠o͠ E͠v͠o͠l͠v͠e͠ I͠n͠ 2020 f͠o͠r͠ I͠n͠c͠r͠e͠a͠s͠i͠n͠g͠ M͠a͠i͠n͠s͠t͠r͠e͠a͠m͠ A͠d͠o͠p͠t͠i͠o͠n͠As we edge closer into a new decade, Ripple Labs, Inc. has forecast that the year 2020 would be great for cryptocurrencies especially for digital assets that can introduce meaningful and tangible changes across a wide range of industries.Against the backdrop of skeptics and critics who await a wrong
N͠E͠M͠ S͠t͠a͠r͠t͠s͠ R͠e͠b͠r͠a͠n͠d͠i͠n͠g͠ o͠f͠ I͠t͠s͠ C͠a͠t͠a͠p͠u͠l͠t͠ B͠l͠o͠c͠k͠c͠h͠a͠i͠n͠ P͠l͠a͠t͠f͠o͠r͠m͠, C͠r͠e͠d͠i͠t͠s͠ X͠E͠M͠ H͠o͠l͠d͠e͠r͠s͠Today, members of the NEM community made a decision regarding the rebranding of the Catapult blockchain platform, and it will at the same time credit holders of the native token of the platform.This process was based on vote. All those who updated the software to 2.4.7 version took part in the votin
$250,000: D͠i͠z͠z͠y͠i͠n͠g͠ B͠i͠t͠c͠o͠i͠n͠ P͠r͠i͠c͠e͠ C͠o͠m͠i͠n͠g͠ S͠i͠x͠ M͠o͠n͠t͠h͠s͠ A͠f͠t͠e͠r͠ H͠a͠l͠v͠i͠n͠g͠, A͠f͠f͠i͠r͠m͠s͠ B͠i͠l͠l͠i͠o͠n͠a͠i͠r͠e͠ I͠n͠v͠e͠s͠t͠o͠r͠ T͠i͠m͠ D͠r͠a͠p͠e͠r͠Bitcoin will skyrocket to a cool $250,000, within 6-12 months after the May 2020 halving event.That’s according to Tech billionaire Tim Draper, who is deemed as an authoritative voice in the crypto industry. Bitcoin will, however, not break past $7,500 before then, Draper told BlockTV recently. But,
I͠O͠T͠A͠ L͠a͠u͠n͠c͠h͠e͠s͠ F͠a͠s͠t͠ a͠n͠d͠ E͠a͠s͠y͠ B͠u͠r͠n͠e͠r͠ W͠a͠l͠l͠e͠t͠Spark will compete with Ethereum’s similar web app.IOTA has released Spark, a web wallet that can be set up in seconds and erased in the same amount of time. The announcement refers to the app as a burner wallet: “The idea is that you use the wallet for small amounts of funds, for a short period of
B͠l͠o͠c͠k͠c͠h͠a͠i͠n͠ S͠t͠a͠r͠t͠u͠p͠ A͠l͠c͠h͠e͠m͠y͠ R͠a͠i͠s͠e͠s͠ $15M͠ t͠o͠ A͠c͠c͠e͠l͠e͠r͠a͠t͠e͠ G͠l͠o͠b͠a͠l͠ E͠x͠p͠a͠n͠s͠i͠o͠n͠After the first round of a Series A funding, the San Francisco based blockchain firm Alchemy has announced that it has raised additional $15 million.The startup was founded by two computer science students, Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau, who were classmates at Stanford. Together, they also created a
A͠n͠a͠l͠y͠s͠t͠ E͠x͠p͠e͠c͠t͠s͠ X͠R͠P͠ a͠n͠d͠ E͠t͠h͠e͠r͠e͠u͠m͠ t͠o͠ B͠l͠e͠e͠d͠ O͠u͠t͠t͠ a͠s͠ B͠i͠t͠c͠o͠i͠n͠ L͠o͠o͠k͠s͠ t͠o͠ T͠a͠k͠e͠ C͠o͠n͠t͠r͠o͠l͠Ethereum, XRP, Others to Underperform?As the crypto market has been subject to its latest bout of volatility, Bitcoin has strongly outperformed altcoins, especially Ethereum and XRP. On Wednesday, when BTC was trading 8% down on the week, both ETH and XRP — the second and third-largest cryptocurrenc
B͠i͠n͠a͠n͠c͠e͠ e͠x͠p͠a͠n͠d͠s͠ i͠n͠ A͠u͠s͠t͠r͠a͠l͠i͠a͠: O͠n͠l͠i͠n͠e͠, n͠o͠-f͠e͠e͠s͠, A͠U͠D͠ f͠o͠r͠ B͠i͠t͠c͠o͠i͠n͠Binance is ramping up in Australia, enabling users to buy Bitcoin with Aussie dollars online with no fees. CZ says it’s ‘just the beginning’.Australia’s Binance Lite has partnered with POLi Payments to allow users to buy Bitcoin with no fees directly on their website. It’s live this morning.The cryp