CryptoBridge DexCryptocurrencies have evolved a lot over the past few years. Especially, after bitcoin reached a record-breaking price in January 2017. Similarly, the exchanges too developed and offered new functions and features. But, to offer better security and safe exchanges, a new type of exchanges came to li
Alleged Bitcoin Cash 51% attack: what actually happened?According to Guy Swann of The Cryptonomy Podcast, Bitcoin Cash has recently come under a 51% attack from a major mining pool which was able to reverse transactions on the blockchain. However, the transactions which were reversed may themselves have been an attempt to steal coins which the mining poo
IDEX Decentralized Cryptocurrency ExchangeMajority of the crypto users still prefer centralized platforms to buy and sell coins, But the decentralized exchanges are on the rise now.The idea of decentralized exchange revolves around the right of holding the private keys of tokens. These private keys remain under the direct control of users,
NUPay-All In One Payment For Your Crypto AssetsThe innovation of blockchain and cryptocurrency has disrupted the traditional gadget into a more secure, reliable and obvious ecosystem accompanying decentralization. The cryptocurrency has modified the way we take care of money, alternate the mode of system and exchange the science inside it. Notwi
BitMEX CEO predicts the rise of Bitcoin demand in ChinaBitcoin (BTC) price is once again surging, currently above the $8,000 mark, and likely to stay up this time. In fact, if BitMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes, is right — BTC might surge way higher in the near future.Bitcoin and Yuan: Are they connected?Bitcoin is known to affect nearly every other cryptocurrenc
Stratis (STRAT) Review: Can Stratis Be the Next Big Thing in Crypto?Even though it’s not the most popular crypto/blockchain project out there, Stratis has enoughinnovations under its belt to make it worthy of any serious investor’s attention.Below, we will look at some of the reasons why Stratis is still very much a relevant crypto projectand why it could or couldn’
How does blockchain affect Malta?Under the title of “The Impact of the Industry on the Blockchain Island”, minister Silvio Schembrei, gave a speech to get the attendees of the MALTA AI & BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 acquainted with how blockchain influences Malta.Citing the saying “time flies”, Schembrei started his speech putting the au
Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Analysis Prediction 2019: Horizontal Sideways Channel Is Tightening (May 25th Update)⭐Table of Contents⭐💫Mid May Update: Technicals📋💫Mid May Update: Fundamentals📋💫General Market Movements and Sentiment Shift📋💫How to evaluate fundamentals of a crypto project📋💫Our DOGE Price Prediction for 2019📋💫DOGE-BTC Price Correlation📋💫Dogecoin Future Outlook📋💫Why will Dogecoin succeed?📋💫Why will
Crypto, Cars and Weed Stocks; Ups and Downs of 3 Aurora PicksIn the cryptocurrency sector, Aurora (AOA) spiked to the tune of 100% in minutes on Friday morning. A mainnet launch is expected in Q3 2019, however, a lack of urgent developments on the day suggests AOA’s miraculous 5 minute spike is less than trustworthy.Meanwhile on the automotive front, a possib
Crypto Update: Majors Recover from Another Spike Lower as Litecoin Triggers Buy SignalWhile the choppy consolidation ended on Thursday in the cryptocurrency segment, we still didn’t have a decisive move in either direction. The sharp sell-off that scared bulls Wednesday in late trading didn’t lead to a major break-down, and the fact that the top coins held on above their key short-te