First year of review of resultsMessage from the CEO of ZBG - Omar Chen to friends and communityDear ZBG Pivoters ,🤷‍♀️Yesterday, July 21, 2019, ZBG celebrated the first anniversary of its launch. We are officially 1 year old! Over the past year, there have been big changes in this industry. Time flies, the road ahead is winding,
BLOCK BUSTER? Could Bitcoin SV’s new 2GB block size destroy the network?Bitcoin SV is introducing 2GB block sizes this week that will enable 1000+ transactions per second. But will it lead to greater centralization and undermine the network?Two days from now, Bitcoin SV will take a grand leap into the unknown with the Quasar upgrade which introduces a default block size
New Guests To Join The Crypto Lunch!The much-awaited crypto lunch is just 3 days away. Tron founder Justin Sun invited two more guests to join the power lunch with Warren Buffett’s.On July 21, Sun invited the founder and CEO of trading platform eToro, Yoni Assia, via twitter. In response to this Yoni said that she is honored to join l
Investing Idea: Unus Sed Leo (LEO)It appears that every crypto exchange is launching utility tokens to raise funds while providing a number of benefits to token holders and users.For instance, Huobi offers Huobi Tokens that enable holders to purchase VIP status and get fee discounts. Then, there’s Kucoin Shares (KCS) for KuCoin exch
15 Best Bitcoin Exchanges for Day Trading in 2019Cryptocurrency exchanges are sites where you can purchase, sell or trade cryptographic forms of money for other computerized cash or customary money like US dollars or Euro. For those that need to exchange expertly and approach extravagant exchanging apparatuses, you will probably need to utilize a
Crypto investment mistakes you should never make!Cryptocurrency has the reputation of a highly profitable asset on which you can earn very easily and quick. However, just wanting to buy and sell crypto assets is half of the deal. The most difficult is not to overestimate your knowledge of crypto trading and avoid the most common crypto investment
Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Raves About Crypto On CNBCBitcoin enthusiast was on CNBC earlier today talking how the mainstream coverage of cryptocurrency has been a positive event for the crypto community in general. He reiterates the technology will continue to develope and brings up the fact that transaction fees alone are appealing for Bitcoin users
SonicX Presents a Compelling Alternative to Facebook’s Libra CurrencyThe past few years have been a crazy period for cryptocurrencies.  Crypto traders have experienced both the highs and lows.  While most altcoins have yet to recover, Bitcoin seems to have found its groove again as it hovers around the 10,000 level.  As excitement and enthusiasm enter the market once
CRUNCH TIME FOR ETH: Death cross or Google search-driven 50% spike?Ethereum regained ground overnight – will the rise continue thanks to surging interest worldwide, or will ETH face a dreaded ‘death cross’?Ethereum has faced a horror July, dropping as much as 45% over the course of a month.But overnight it showed signs of life, spiking from $193 to $219 in the spac
11 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking AppsCryptocurrencies continue to grow and expand, whether we are talking about prices, their popularity, or their impact on the modern industry, and the world itself. Particularly now, in 2019, as the crypto prices once again surge high, more and more investors are joining the space.Want to keep your bi