Cryptocurrency Investors Train Nigerians On Profitable Trading“Before one can be able to trade well, you need to be educated because if you are not educated, you won’t know how it’s being done. You can make a wrong deal and find yourself falling into scam. That it why is it very important to be educated. Education is not just for the enthusiast alone, but also
Cryptocurrency Developments to Look Forward to in 20192018 has been an eventful year in the crypto industry.The market experienced a severe price correction to the extent that some are beginning to doubt the future blockchain promises. Still, in spite of all the losses and FUD, the fundamentals continue to grow, and 2019 is promising to be an exciting
What is the Blockchain data structure?BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIESThe blockchain data structure is explained as a back-linked record of blocks of transactions, which is ordered. It can be saved as a file or in a plain database. Each block can be recognized by a hash, created utilizing the SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm on the header of t
What is the Difference Between STO and ICO? To confront and overcome in all battles is not highest perfection; highest perfection consists in eradicating the opposition without fighting. There is a clash of nomenclature that is currently being pursued in the cryptocurrency world: ICO or STO?. This article is explaining the differences betwee
Why are the Government of various Countries fighting Cryptocurrencies?Naturally, man is afraid of change especially when there is a perceived harm. Every government finds it unconformable if it cannot monitor/control the financial movement in or out of the country or tell the amount in circulation. It's a general belief that money can easily be laundered via cryptocur
It is Easy to make profit in Up and Down PredictionSee of the wins. But you cannot avoid losing from time to time.
DOUBLE BENEFITS IN MARKET PREDICTIONAs you mine PVT through getting power when you predict market price, you also learn how to trade forex. The benefits of this scheme cannot be over emphasized. Even if you have now experience in the field, Pivot market prediction would open your eyes and show you how .
Secrets Nobody Told You About Cryptocurrency Investing [GUIDE] When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, there are some things that don’t get discussed nearly enough. These things can either help grow and scale your cryptocurrency portfolio, or they could lead you to financial ruin and frustration. Due to the huge amount of content that is posted about c
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