CoinAll Star Project Launches First Project Sale for Pivot Token (PVT)Dear users:CoinAll will be hosting the token sale for the first CoinAll Star Project, Pivot (PVT), on Jun 14, 2019 (HKT).Star Project aims to build a fair, open and transparent online project-showcase platform to provide blockchain entrepreneurs with one-stop services, from project initiation to see
Differences between trading stocks and ForexStocks and forexWhen it comes to investing or speculating, probably one of the first questions that comes to mind is whether to invest in stocks or to invest/speculation in the currency markets also known as spot forex. So, what is the difference between trading stocks and forex?Both of these financ
LESSONS FROM RED AND GREEN MARKETMarket fluctuation is inevitable and as such a crucial part so to say. Every investor prays the market would fluctuate to his/her favour. When it does, you you rejoice and count your gains and blessings. On the contrary, if fluctuation is against one , one would begin to count losses and ill luck.W
BTC ON THE MOVEE. Market Surveillance April 23: Global Average Price Of BTC Swings Above $5500]As of 11:00 (UTC) on April 23, the global index of Bitcoin (BTC) swings above the $5,500 level, marking $5,577.97. It has registered an increase of 4.74% in the past 24 hours. The Bullish vs. Bearish Indicat
AFRICA AND CRYPTO CURRENCYIt is no news that cryptocurrency is increasingly being accepted world over. It's acceptance and usage in Africa could only be a step in the right direction toward improving the economy of the continent. The world is going digital in every aspect.
Making cryptocurrency work for the growth of the Nigerian economyWith the world entering the third industrial revolution, digital currencies have been taken by the likes of many emerging markets that see the true value cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can bring. Many cryptoand blockchain evangelists are even calling it ‘the currency of the future’.Due to
Cryptocurrency Investors Train Nigerians On Profitable Trading“Before one can be able to trade well, you need to be educated because if you are not educated, you won’t know how it’s being done. You can make a wrong deal and find yourself falling into scam. That it why is it very important to be educated. Education is not just for the enthusiast alone, but also
Cryptocurrency Developments to Look Forward to in 20192018 has been an eventful year in the crypto industry.The market experienced a severe price correction to the extent that some are beginning to doubt the future blockchain promises. Still, in spite of all the losses and FUD, the fundamentals continue to grow, and 2019 is promising to be an exciting
What is the Blockchain data structure?BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIESThe blockchain data structure is explained as a back-linked record of blocks of transactions, which is ordered. It can be saved as a file or in a plain database. Each block can be recognized by a hash, created utilizing the SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm on the header of t