Bye Bye Pivot and Pivoters 🙌 tag, Pivoters, Chatty Pivot, Pivot Activities,As you know the future of PVT, PVTP Coin still in the dark and unknown I am leaving here .In my opinion this is only Time wasting. Bye Bye Pivot and Pivoters tag, Pivoters, Chatty Pivot, Pivot Activities,
Russia could be implementing 20 cryptocurrency bills this year Namrata . tag; Blockchain, BNB, BTC, CryptocurrenciesThe Russian parliament revealed on January 9 through a press release that the digital economy will be the topmost priority during the upcoming session, which will give Russia a headstart into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the lower chamber, outlined the bills being con
Google Accused of Prohibiting Only Ethereum Ads . tag; Blockchain, ETH, Bitcoin, RippleAn ethereum developer from a blockchain start up called Decenter says Google is not allowing ethereum ads, but bitcoin and eos ads show up. He says:“Any of the keywords that contain ‘ethereum’ in our campaigns are no longer showing ads as of January 9th… you can try searches such as ‘ethereum smart
Satoshi Vision Gets Its Own ElectrumSV Wallet It's a hybrid of Electrum and Electron Cash wallets. Tag; ETH, Satoshi, ZEC, BTCBitcoin Cash investors have had to do some serious wallet juggling of late. Most recently, the bComm Association, which is the group behind the newly launched BSV logo, has unveiled the ElectrumSV Wallet for Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV).ElectrumIf the name sounds familiar, it’s because the new
What's humanity in one sentence ❔❔❔❔❔ this not related to Cryptocurrencies,Huobi Global, DigiFinex, Bit-Z.From My point of view: Its the actual Concern for people around!Showing kindness and having Feeling of Intimacy among ourselves despite of only closer ones.Humanity can reside in every little thing. The World is Family; helping our own family is all that matters!Having their Eyes sparkled with grate
Tron [TRX] Sharply Reverses After Recent Outperformance Tron [TRX] technical analysis for 10th January 2019. We analyze the sharp reversal taking place in Tron after its recent outperformance and identify the key areas to monitor.Tron Daily Chart – Source: Tradingview.comTron is undergoing a sharp reversal today after being the best performing cryptocurrency for the past two days.The sharp reversal comes amid a bearish downturn taking place across the cryptocurrency market.The recent outperformance of Tron took place after i
Dow Futures, Bitcoin Slide as US & China Conclude ‘Deep and Meticulous’ Trade Talks. Tag; Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, LitecoinBoth the cryptocurrency and US stock markets slipped into the red on Thursday, with the bitcoin price and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures taking losses ahead of the opening bell despite a bevy of positive news for equities traders.As of am 8:12 am ET, Dow futures implied opening bell losses of
Kidnappers Demand $10M in Monero Ransom for Norwegian Millionaire’s Wife. tag; XRP, Bitfinex, XLM, Stellar,The wife of one of the wealthiest men in Norway has been missing and is allegedly a victim of kidnappers. The perpetrators have reportedly demanded the ransom to be paid in Monero (XMR). $10M in Monero for RansomAnne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hage is the wife of Tom Hagen – one of the richest men in Norway
‘EU-LEVEL ACTION NEEDED’ FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY, SAYS EUROPEAN BANKING AUTHORITYThe European Banking Authority (EBA) is calling for standardized regulations for cryptocurrency operations within the EU. Europe’s banking watchdog believes such a move will eliminate unfair regulatory arbitrage while protecting investors across the bloc.A COMMON MONITORING TEMPLATEThe EBA conveyed
همسر یکی از ثروتمندترین مردان نروژ 'ربوده شده' Tag; Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoinربایندگان آن-الیزابت هاگن برای آزادی او خواستار دریافت ارز مجازی شده‌اندپلیس نروژ تائید کرده که ناپدید شدن همسر یکی از ثروتمندترین مردان این کشور را یک پرونده گروگان‌گیری تلقی می‌کند.آن-الیزابت فالکویک هاگن، ٦٨ ساله، همسر تام هاگن از سرمایه‌گذاران عمده نروژ در مستغلات است و از روز ٣١ اکتبر تا کنون ن