PVT Postponed for Listing, What do You Think?In Oct.24th, with the booming of the community members, the global leading cryptocurrency community
BTC sunny: Please understand friends 😘😘 This is not good time to release pivot all markets are down This is correct decision 👍👍👍 😘😘 Stay with pivot win your future 😘😘 😘😘 Love you all 😘😘
Miners are losing money, it's time to buy?According to bitcoin.com, only five bitcoin mining devices released in 2018 are profitable this Dece
Researcher Warns Investors of Possible Bitcoin Cash (SV) Double Spending AttackA researcher took toVimeo platformto caution investors of what he believes is a double spending prob
What do you think of Tether overtook Stellar in market cap?In order to really grasp the severity of the bear market, one just needs to look at Tether’s rise th
EOS, Blockchain 3.0, Dropped Under 2 USDAccording to Pivot Market Survillance, the price of EOS dropped under 2 USD. Since the bullish run i
Petro, a cryptocurrency issued by centralized institution, Venezuelan governmentVenezuelan PresidentNicolás Maduroannounced the petro in a televised address on 3 December 2017, sta
BCHSV Rises Despite the Bear Market, Who Will Finally Win?Despite the bear market, BCHSV rises sharply 17% in 24 hours. The price of BCHSV has nearly reached
JOHEL ESQUIVEL: I do not see the reason for the Hard fork but that's the way the markets in the competition will look the one that will survive, my simple opinion
Bitmain May Lost $740 Million in Q3 2018, will BCH dump?Originally reported by the Twitter account known as BTCKING555 December 3, the author of which almos
real abenk: lost 740m dollars? not a little value. Bitmain will not survive if the body has been slaughtered from the inside. Bitmain has been recruited, needs very large capital if he wants to get up again.
Binance DEX preview released, RIP all other DEX-s?The official Twitter account of Binance has released a video clip of its decentralized exchange. Whi
Brief biograph of the "Chinese Bitcoin Billionair" Li XiaolaiAccording to Huigang News, Xiong'an Technology (HK.01647) announced that Xiaolai Li has been appoint