Will you have the idea of using the Binance DEX after the hacking incident?The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, was apparently hacked today – but the company has promised to make investors whole.
Discussion on delisting BSVA few days ago, Craig Wright released a statement calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. However, the community is having none of it until after he proves and spend any of the one million coins under Satoshi’s custody.
Discussion on the IEOs after the cryptocurrency market has fallen sharplyYesterday OKEx Jumpstart officially started the first phase of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).
Do you think the bull market for digital currency is here?As the platform currency continued to rise, the digital money market officially opened the full-line
Bitcoin ETF got recalled, how will the market be influenced?Although COBE has recall its application of Bitcoin ETF from SEC,attorney Jake Chervinsky told CoinD
Your private information is being sold for 0.1 USD on dark web, what can we do?On a darknet market called "Dread," a vendor going by "ExploitDOT" is attempting to sell user data f
RAUL NAZ JR.: Safety should always be a major concern when it comes to investment. I think one option is DRP or duplicate registration prevention is a solution. In this process of authentication you only need to record video no need to submit identification card.
Grin, a new coin worth investment or not?Cobra, founder of, reposted a tweet which commented Grin and said on Twitter, "Grin is e
"Buy at rumor, sell at news"——Is it time to sell ETH?With the coming of the hard fork of ethereum, the whole market rises with ethereum rising more than
A͙n͙a͙l͙y͙s͙t͙ M͙a͙s͙t͙e͙r͙: This is a not time to sell Ethereum because this time bearish market conditions low and the future it will be increasingly likely to be a good long term investment to market condition and potential to be a Pivot for a better and more sustainable future for the cryptocurrency community in the future
Hard fork is coming, yet 3/4 full nodes still haven't updated?The hard fork "Constantinople" is coming soon at the height 7080000. Yet, according to data from Pec
A͙n͙a͙l͙y͙s͙t͙ M͙a͙s͙t͙e͙r͙: That is a great news for those people that are interested in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Pivot is a very good apps that shows the excellent quality of the service that will provide a good guideness to the business plan develper to choose a new direction for business. This is a latest and secure mathod
What do you think of China's New Regulations for Blockchain Companies?China is coming down hard on blockchain companies, even though the government appears to favor blockchain over cryptocurrency.
❤️Mohsin Malik❤️ Telegram =@mohsin210: Regulations are necessary to avoid illegal activities. Many fake and scam web owners are using fake blockchain id's making a difficulty for cryptocurrency.