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The cryptocurrency mining pool “SharkPool” has recently revealed that if Bitcoin Cash ABC, the bitcoin cash chain that appears to be supported by most businesses in the space, survives the ongoing hashwar, it will mine empty blocks on it.
Litecoin [LTC] stays on development track; Charlie Lee continues fight against Bitcoin SV Litecoin [LTC]’s has been on a roll over the past week with several developments and updates coming out of the Charlie Lee-led cryptocurrency’s stables. The bear market has also had an effect on Litecoin,
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Today, October 31, 2018, marks a special day for Bitcoin [BTC], the ruler of the cryptocurrency market. This is because the entire space is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin whitepaper today. It also marks the first decade of decentralization as the main purpose of the coin is believed to be a liberation from governments, financial institutions, and banks and giving the power back to people.