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Which will be the king of public chain in 2019?Public chain is the infrastructure of the blockchain world. On a public chain, we can develop decent
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How do you spend their spare time onlineWe're now going through a very fluctuant bear market. No matter you buy or sell, long or short, it h
My Crypto Investment Summary of 2018The year 2018 is ending in one week. In this year, we've gone through the craziest bull market of cr
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Imagine new application scenarios of PVTSince the launching of the Pivot Community, Pivot Team has always been cautious about the applicatio
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Community of the week: Investment JournalCommunites are soul of Pivot. The "Others" communities are one of the reasons that make Pivot such a
Which is going to be the bottom of Bitcoin?Which is going to be the final bottom of Bitcoin? Do you buy, or sell or hodl? Participate Pivot activities to learn more about the strategies in bear market!
Price of NOW!
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Rohn.Q: $4,000.0 would be possible bottom line of ongoing Bearish trend.
What to do when crypto dumps?The cryptocurrency market fell sharply in a short period of time yesterday. Bitcoin fell as much as
sansuphil.: Remember BICOIN is us,some people really want to take it out in the circulation.When this thing occurs,the dumping saga of BITCOINS,do'nt leave,no one can hold it tight more than we can,do some help in our own little way, lets stand together as one and stay untill this temporary hiccaps is over.
Which coin do you "hodl"?From 2009 the birth of Bitcoin, its price has rise more than one million times. The only way to gain
Digest of Pivot Activity·Your comprehension and imagination of PVTDigest ofYour comprehension and imagination of PVT"Your comprehension and imagination of PVT" has en