Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In For BeginnersWhich is the best cryptocurrency to begin with? A question most of us had asked. But, worry no more, we got your back. All those experts nowadays had asked the same question. Proper research, keywords, right people to ask, those are what you need.Cryptocurrency is digital money which can be used for
The Best Strategies to Boost Your WillpowerScience-backed ways to power through tasks you hate.Dozens, if not hundreds of times each day, we have to choose between things we want to do and things we should do: Stay in bed on a rainy Saturday or go to the gym? Scroll through memes or listen in on a boring conference call? Eat a slice of pizza
Bitcoin Miners in China Are Bullish on BTC – Why?2018’s bear market took its toll on not only cryptocurrency investors but Bitcoin (BTC) miners as well. Many BTC miners were forced to capitulate and sell their equipment by the kilos as mining became unsustainable when the price of Bitcoin continued to drop and they failed to make a profit.However,
Currently Ripple Prices Do Not Provide Short and Medium Term ExpectationsSome of us might be discussing daily average prices for short and medium term Ripple (XRP) analysis. Ripple does not give hope for an uptrend. Ripple seems to be moving in a band of $0.30-0.32 for the time being.Cryptocurrency welcomes this week with red candles. In the Top 20 there is a loss of val
The Crypto Bestiary: Scammers and FUDers....It just so happens that there is a so-called community around each project in the ICO world, if, of course, the founders take care of it. Communities are a topic for a completely different article. We shall apply this term within the framework of this material to all those people who are connected t
New Bill Enables Marijuana Companies in California to Pay Crypto TaxesNew laws have been introduced by lawmakers in the US state of California, which will allow marijuana-related businesses to pay fees and taxes on stablecoin.Introduced on February 21, in the California State Assembly, RUU 953 made provisions for marijuana-related companies to pay their taxes on stabl
Are you a Bitcoin addict? Now there is a Rehabilitation Center for Bitcoin AddictsEvery day we include new definitions of addiction in our lives. A new question: Are you a Bitcoin addict? Questions you have to ask yourself: Am I a Bitcoin addict? Castle Craig is a rehabilitation center in Scotland. This center has been serving alcoholics, sex and drugs for years. Recently they be
جمع آوری ۱۵۰,۰۰۰ بیت کوین؛ نهنگ ها دست به کار شدند! 🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳طی دو ماه گذشته، ۱۰۰ کیف پول بزرگ ارزهای دیجیتال بیش از ۱۵۰,۰۰۰ بیت کوین جمع کردند. این کیف پولها شامل کیف پول صرافی ها نیز می باشد. به نظر می رسد نهنگ های بیت کوین دست به کار شده اند و در حال جمع آوری سرمایه خود هستنددر بازار نزولی هم می توان شاهد اتفاق های خوب و دلگرم کننده بود. هنگامی که بسیا
Blockchain-Based City Infrastructure and Services: Fantasies of Crypto Enthusiasts or the Reality of the near Future?Cities managed with the help of blockchain are not an invention, but a reality that is quickly making its way into our lives. We have already talked about how many countries around the world are gradually implementing control systems based on blockchain. In principle, the main trends of the modern w
Why can't centralization be avoided in cryptocurrency space?Avid crypto bulls often talk about cryptocurrency as a tool to bring down centralized institutions, but see our bigger picture for centuries before witnessing such a concept. The current problem faced is broader acceptance of cryptocurrency, which can only be achieved in relation to centralized inst